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So you are in the market for a web designer to develop a website for your business or redesign your current site. Let's face it, you wont be short of options as there are a lot of companies and indivudals to choose from. With online marketing growing more and more each year, your website is going to be one of the most important tools you have to promote your business and increase sales.

As a business asset, your website is going to need to achieve your business goals, so not only do you need to be aware of the process but also ask questions to your designer about responsiveness, their previous work, the cost involved -including revisions-, the scope of the website development and so on. It is also important that you ask your developer about other issues like hosting, administrator access and control of your website, especially if you choose to go on a plan.
We have lost count how many times we have had issues with new clients who have had bad experiences with previous designers because of their lack of knowledge around the following areas:

1. Hosting is NOT FREE. You have a website developed but you have to sit it somewhere so people can see you on the internet!

Ask your developer if you are not sure about what the best hosting options are. Most CMS websites will sit on a cpanel or in the cloud these days. I personally prefer a cpanel because it gives complete control. If they set up the hosting for you, then make sure you have all the login details! If you are on a plan where hosting is included but you are coming to the end of the plan and want to take over the site yourself, make sure you ask how the website can be moved to a new hosting account and what options are available for you. It is good to know these things before you make any decisions on the best options for you and your business when it comes to web development.

2. Your domain name information is important.

Make sure you have all the login details and certificates for your website domain. In fact, it is not hard to set this up yourself online when purchasing it.

Your website will be connected to your domain name. You cannot have one without the other to sit online. If you do choose a website plan and the company is setting up the domain name for your website, make sure they are setting it up in your name with your business ABN and not theirs. Otherwise, they are the ones who will own your domain name and you do not want this, as this domain is what all your online marketing will revolve around when directing people to your business!

3. Administrator access of your website.

Know your login details, even if you are sitting on a plan. Any website will have an administrator area where changes can be made. Make sure you keep a copy of these login details. It is also important that you back up your website regularly in case you ever get hacked.

In addition to this, you need to know exactly what you want your website to do. Your website will be more or less expensive based on what your goals and what your business is offering. If you are selling services through a simple website, it might cost you less than if you are selling products, which requires a shopping cart. Don't be shy, be specific and voice everything you need so you are fully aware of what the costs will be to develop the website and ensure an open relationship between you and your developer!


Keep in mind that building a website is only the beginning; your website will be completely useless without a proper search engine optimization strategy (SEO). SEO will get your website good rankings on search engines and bring you natural traffic - which is what you aim for. No matter how good a website looks, it will never get traffic if sitting in page 3 of Google.

Our team of web designers is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We have a couple of options for our clients including plans, at Rent-a-Website. Talk to us today about your website development needs on (07) 5592 2685 or by email at

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2015 Top Web Fonts

There are a number of design elements we look at when it comes to building websites. One major one is responsive design, however there are also a number of simple elements people tend to forget about. One such element is the use of font. Over the past few years, when it comes to font, the opportunities have expanded enormously on the web. Once web designers were restricted to a few web safe fonts, which made everything look very similar or designers used images to replace text which caused problems for the reader and sometimes technical problems on the browser. Today we are lucky enough to have access to a huge variety of professional fonts for websites bringing the aesthetics of print to the web.
Typography plays a significant role in the user experience and to make this happen you need to access modern and attractive fonts. Although variety is great, with so many options out there.. What font should you use on your website? Lucky for you, we have researched 2015's most popular fonts! Let's take a look at our top picks and where you can download them:
1. Raleway is one my favourite fonts, it is an elegant Google font initially designed in one weight but has now been expanded to nine weight families. I love using this font because it has so much character. The font features both an old style and lining numerals. This can be downloaded for free here:
2. Museo Sans is another great geometric sans serif font. It's used in a lot of websites these days. Museo Sans is a strong, low contrast and very legible font suited for almost anything. It can also be used with a serif font to create a good reading experience for users. Downloaded it here:

In our last post we highlighted some trending fonts in 2015, here's a few more of our favourites:
3. Brandon Grotesque is an attractive warm font, inspired by geometric sans serif style faces that were popular in 1920s and 30s. It is clean, modern and legible. The font is used on many modern sites these days and comes in six weights, which helps create visual order. Download Brandon Grotesque here:
4. Playfair Display as the name states, is a font that is great for titles and headlines. Although it's trendy to use sans serif fonts on the web, serif and sans serif fonts create a fantastic visual experience when used together. Playfair is a modern Google font that can be downloaded here:
5. Roboto is a font that has a double nature, it has a mechanical frame and is geometric but at the same time the font features open friendly curves. The font has six weight families and can be downloaded here:
Some other trending fonts which can be used on your website are; Proxima Nova, Choplin, Campton, Didot, Gotham, Montserrat or Ubuntu.

When we develop a website we don't just look at the major design elements such as how responsive your site needs to be, we also look at the simple design elements including font. You can get online with a professionally designed website from just $49.95 per month. Isn't it time you put your best foot forward when it comes to your businesses presence online. Jump onto and have a look at our wide range of affordable plans. Alternatively call (07) 55 922 685 or email

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3 Web Design mistakes that could be costing your business money!

When it comes to websites, speed is vital! Users start abandoning a page after 3 seconds, which means that page load time is a major factor for online businesses. Around 1 second delay in page load time can result in a 11% fewer page views, 7% decrease in conversions and a 16% loss in customer satisfaction. You have spent hundreds even thousands of dollars making your website the best marketing tool it can be. Let's take a look at 3 common mistakes your business might be making that could be undermining your efforts:

1. Your website pages appear blank then loads all at once. If your website does this or it loads only the navigation then your content, your users most likely aren't noticing your brilliant content. The reason behind this could be your images are too large (e.g. those big hero images), poorly done style sheets (e.g. your banner slides) or third party scripts (e.g. social sharing). A great site to jump onto to check what's slowing your site down is Google Page Speed It's designed to help you optimize the performance of your website.

If you find your website has major speed problems contact us. We create fully optimized and responsive websites, it's not as expensive as you think from just $49.95 per month get online!

2. Another common mistake we see too often is call to actions being the last thing to load on a website. Calls to action at the bottom of large images are a common practice in web design, but if your images are slow to load from top to bottom, your call to actions call be easily missed by impatient users. Either move your calls to action to the top of your page so users can see them straight away or make sure they are optimized to load quicker.

Give users a clear path to follow when they arrive on your website, make it look clickable (resembling an actual button) so users know exactly what to do.

3. Does your website have a pop up that blocks the rest of the page? Pop ups are a great tool for marketers, but smart implementation and optimization are a must. If pop ups load too early, they can prevent the page from rendering correctly and disturb the user experience. Delay pop ups for at least 10 seconds, optimizing the script and test it out. Pop ups can be a minor annoyance or helpful for users, so make sure your pop ups are worth it, due to the disturbance they can cause. Another KEY factor of pop ups I want you to note, is make sure they are easy to close, users tend to get very frustrated and will leave your site very quickly if they can't find where to close the pop up.

I hope these tips were useful for your business! If you simply don't have time to manage your site or need a website designed leave it to us! For less than a coffee a day you can get online! Jump onto and have a look at our wide range of affordable plans. Alternatively call (07) 55 922 685 or email

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Get mobile responsive by 21.4.15 or miss out on GOOGLE TRAFFIC!

That's right; your business could be at risk! If your website is NOT mobile responsive within the month your website traffic can be in jeopardy!

Google announced on 26th February that "we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices".

The time to ACT is NOW! If your website is not mobile friendly you run the risk of missing out on Google traffic! 81% of Australians own a smartphone and 60% of website traffic comes from these mobile devices, which means more users are jumping on their phone or tablet than their computer to search for products and services, as well as to shop online. 27% of people using mobile devices to search will leave a site if it is not mobile responsive, so don't risk losing website traffic. You need a responsive website that's going to attract and keep visitors on your site.

To test if your website is mobile-friendly click here

If you didn't pass the test talk to us today! Don't loose website traffic just because your site is not responsive. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email or jump onto to talk about your website needs.

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Learn how to make your website's content Social Media friendly!!

Social media is a great low cost avenue to spread your website content. Although is it friendly? You may just need to make some small adjustments to get your content shared. The more friendly you make it, the more likely your readers will be to repost it!

Here's three quick tips to get your content shared:

1. We all know how important images are, creating more results for businesses than ever before, it's fundamental that your images are very appealing and shareable on social networks.
Just because an image looks fantastic on your website doesn't mean it will look good on a social media post. Always check how your images look before actually posting. This can easily be done by creating the post and adding your URL on the page your posting. Here you can see if you have any issues with cropping, sizing or formatting. If your images are cut off or too close, adjust your image size on your website. Usually square images look clean across most social networks.
Look at the two pictures we posted, a clothing company IzzQ Designs and fast food comapny Nandos. Can you see which company clearly has resized there images correctly?

Each social network has a perfect image size for a post and unfortunately it's not all the same. If you're only interested in optimizing your images for a few networks then look at the best image dimensions for just those networks. is a great website to use because it's regularly updated to include any changes on major social media channels and has in depth image size information.

2. Once your images are optimized the next step is to review your meta data. For social media posts, the two most important pieces of meta data are the page title and description. On Facebook the four things users see when sharing a website is the image, title, description and comment from the user sharing the link. When users are sharing content from your site, you can't control what they write though you can control everything else. Make sure your meta data makes sense and is clear.

Your titles should be short, punchy and under 100 characters to capture the readers attention. The Description can be longer, ideally around 250 characters. When writing the description include keywords because most social media channels have their own keyword based search engine. Using the correct keywords will help you stay visible in the main feed and to anyone who is searching for the topic on the site.

If you need help finding keywords use Google Keyword Planner or a search engine on a social network site. A great example to find keywords on social networks is Pinterest as shown in the picture.

3. Next, the main goal is to get your content shared. So make sure your site has share buttons! Major blogs and news companies do a fantastic job of this, so take a look at some of their sites.

When choosing social share buttons look at what works best on your website. If you are after all inclusive plugins take a look at: or No matter what type of share buttons you choose, the most important things to keep in mind is placement, customization and tracking.
Twitter is very customizable when it comes to share buttons; an example is Huffington Post which customizes every post directly shared from their site. Another example that does a great job is Forbes, whenever a user jumps on their site they make the buttons very visible and easily sharable.

Whatever type of sharing button you use its important to make sure you're tracking your analytics. It's an easy way to test to see which pages on your website are performing the best on social media.
Also keep in mind fresh content is KEY! It gives your viewers a reason to return to your website and share your content. I hope these quick tips help you get your website content shared! If you need help revamping your website talk to us today. Call 07 55922685 or email or jump onto to look at our packages.

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2015 Website Trends

Your website represents the face of your business! The way it looks, feels and works is a reflection of you. So today I want to highlight some current web design trends on the rise this year to keep you up to date!

1. Big images on your homepage have been around for a while now and they are not going anywhere anytime soon!! Expect more massive eye-catching backgrounds used with rich typography and subtle parallax effects. With the increase of speed and availability on the internet, this trend will only become more popular this year. So make sure you've got striking images to attract your consumers! It's vital to immediately capture the consumer's attention and keep them on your site.

2. This year we will see an emphasis on well designed and attractive typography. With type kits becoming more affordable and some free there is more freedom for web designers to create attention grabbing text! It's a great way to get consumers attention and send a strong message.

3. Currently, Flat design is most businesses first choice as I highlighted in last year's 2014 Website Trends post although guess what? This is changing! Consumers like the simplicity and usability of the design though it has some downsides. With a lack of creativity and visual options, consumers are also getting used to the look. So the rise of Semi-Flat or Material design has been introduced. These are a combination of the clean, crisp layout of Flat design with more realistic features such as depth, light, shadow and colour gradation. Major brands such as Google and FitBit are currently using this design.

Material design

4.We have all heard of cookies to help display more relevant content to repeat visitors although now better practices have been put in place to increase the use of the technique and cut out the spammy reputation it has. Netflix and YouTube use it to remember what consumers have recently watched. It can be great to highlight new content returning users have not read yet or even display a recently read section on your site. 2015 will definitely see more of the technique used focusing on returning customers behaviours to increase sales.

5. This year hand drawn images are growing in popularity, this isn't a new trend but it's on the rise in 2015. Currently the bar for great websites is higher than ever and with competition becoming more intense hand drawn illustrations are a way to be unique. They convey a specific personality for the brand and display the brand in a different light. Check out this great example of local brand Cedar and Stone using hand drawn images of their products on their website.

cedar and stone

5. More brands are trying to create an emotional experience for consumers on their websites by adding mood videos. When these videos play on the homepage, it lets consumers see and hear what the brand is about and what they sell. We have seen more of these videos pop up lately so expect to see more mood videos to create a visual experience for consumers in 2015. Please note don't make these videos mandatory, forcing consumers to watch videos can sometimes run them off your site!

6. Lastly I want to highlight the increase in demand for customization. With more and more site-building services available, there is an increase of sites that are very similar. Businesses should aim to stand out online and the best way to do this is with a customized website. There are many benefits to customization like SEO, individuality, brilliant design (to name a few) giving your business a competitive edge against the BIG world wide web.

If you would like a customized kick ass website for 2015 talk to us today!! We have a range of affordable packages starting from $49.95 per month! Call 07 55922685 or email or jump onto to look at our packages.

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Get your online store off the ground today!

A Ecommerce site is a major part of your business, just like your mobile phone. Now, you can pay for it in the same manner and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a website up front.
We offer a fantastic and affordable Ecommerce plan for less than a boost juice a day! Pay only $199.00 per month plus a set-up fee and get a professionally designed website that includes everything you need to run an online store.
Our plan includes:
• 7 content pages
• 5 hours of allocated for CMS maintenance and website updates per month
• 8 email accounts
• 2 installed components
• Unique template design with: branding, contact form, branding Incorporated colours and Images + more
• Rotating header gallery
• Banner advertisements
• Basic organic SEO with: Google analytics code, Google verification code, friendly URL's and keywords within the website
• Registration of domain if required
• Hosting account with cPanel
• Shopping Cart with 50 Products included
• Pay-Pal Integration
Every great business idea takes flight with the launch of a professionally designed website. Talk to us about your individual website needs today. Phone: (07) 5592 2685, Email: or visit our website

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Colour psychology in website design

Are you thinking about getting online? Did you know how important colour design can be when it comes to your website?

Scientists have been studying the way humans react to colours for years. By using colour psychology, you can send a positive or negative message, calm a crowd or even encourage sales. Certain colours make people feel a certain way and can actually affect people's purchasing decisions. Out of the five human senses, the visual sense is the strongest developed for most people, so when it comes to purchasing a product, colour is a huge influencing factor.

When you are looking at website design, make sure you plan out the types of colours you want to incorporate. Use colours to highlight the mood and atmosphere you want your brand to represent.

Colour psychology is a major key to your website. Before you take on any web designer make sure they have a good understanding. It's so easy to portray the wrong colours that in the end are going to send out the wrong message to your consumers and a mistake like that can cost a lot of money in re-branding.

Need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to colours? Talk to us today about colour psychology and website design. At Rent-a-Website we have experience and understanding to help you. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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Types of videos you can incorporate into your business - Part 2

If you are interested in incorporating video into your business here are some more types of videos that are great:

Outreach Videos are great to reach out to specific communities that share a common cause or interest. Reaching them through video is a great way to get the word out and create buzz about an event. For example a group could create a video to promote a fund-raising event for a specific health issue and share it through various social media platforms.

Promotional Videos are designed to promote your business and its products or services. It is crucial it represents your business in a positive light and make people want to buy from your business. They are to be straight to the point and interesting.

Customer Testimonial Videos are great to authenticate your claims and instill confidence in future buyers. Consumers trust each other more than they trust companies and having customer testimonial on video humanizes your story.

Take a look at Rent-a-Website here and the types of website plans we do! We can help incorporate video into your business today!

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Types of videos you can incorporate into your business - Part 1

Following on from our last post on videos, if you are interested in incorporating them into your website there are a wide variety of video types you can look at doing:

• How To Videos

• Promotional Videos

• Information Sharing Videos

• Outreach Videos

• Testimonial Videos

How to Videos are very popular and if done right can drive a lot of traffic to your website or blog. You can choose to do a very detailed video or just present a few simple tips. For example you could be an artist demonstrating in detail how to paint a portrait.

Information Sharing Videos capture the spirit of helpfulness that is seen in many blogs and throughout the Social Web. Instead of writing have a look at creating a video blog post, it’s a great way to mix up how you’re sharing your info. For example a lawyer might use video to explain one point of law.

Stay tuned for more videos you can incorporate into your business!

head to and look at our website plans we offer!

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Use Video As A Powerful Marketing Tool For Your Business

Video has become the most powerful communications tool over the last 100 years. Viewing content online has surpassed traditional TV viewing and it is only growing faster and faster each day! Making a video is an effective way to reach and influence the masses as a form of advertising. As the world becomes more and more tech savvy, many companies are switching their focus to the Internet… Are you? Currently around about 37% of Internet usage is made up of video streaming. Businesses need to mix up their marketing and look at using videos online. There is one main reason – It sells!

72% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used. It causes consumers buying decisions to move faster after seeing a video and most of them will have a greater understanding of the subject or product. Industry reports suggest the response rates for video promotions are six times greater than those for printed direct mail pieces.

Don’t have a video on your website? Have a look at our cost effective website plans at and talk to us today about incorporating a video into your website today!

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