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It is estimated that about 2.72 million people will be using social media by 2019. That is almost three times more than in 2010!  In April alone there were more than 1,590 million people using Facebook and up to 1 million of those users are Australians. This represents as many opportunities for you to increase your client base.

There are a lot of social networks to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to use and which will be of benefit to your business. Should you go for LinkedIn? How about Pinterest? What's Google+? Is Tumblr a good idea for your business? The list can go on and on and in many cases you will have multiple accounts.

Companies usually tend to choose the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This would work for you too if you don't target a particular niche. However, keep in mind that the social network you are choosing should be consistent with your audience's habits. So if everyone is using Pinterest, but your target market is on Tumblr, then you should use Tumblr. In other words, you should go where your audience is!

Most people think that creating their account is enough. The bad news is that it's NOT! Social media requires a lot of time and maintenance and it does not necessarily come easily to all of us. The social network you will choose will need to be relevant and should be consistent with your business – a restaurant for instance, would get more traction with an Instagram account than a LinkedIn account.

Here are three simple tips to help you figure out which social network would work best for YOU:

TIP #1: Choose your social media according to the time and available resources you have.

Social media is interactive, live, simple to use and comes in handy when you need to share exciting news or information with your audience. However and as mentioned before, they require maintenance and forethought, which can represent a great deal of time out of your working day.

Spending too much time on social media will hurt your business as it might lead to a loss in productivity particularly if you don't have someone hired especially for that job. On another hand, spending too little time would result in a failure to keep up with your audience. Tricky!  The truth is if you decide to adopt social media, it will then represent a real aspect of your marketing strategy.
To make it work, you can't post too much, too little or irrelevant content: it is all about balance. A post a day at about the same time should be the minimum to keep your audience interested.

TIP #2: Know what your ultimate goal is.

Social media is an awesome way to communicate with your customers, and posting is actually a lot of fun! But before anything else, you should know what your goal is and what you expect from your social media. Having a goal is important and will help you determine whether or not your marketing strategy is viable and for how long. This will also allow you to know what to post, when to post and who you are targeting. All in one!

TIP #3: Don't give up!

Social media at times can fail and stagnate for a while, but the one beautiful thing about it, is that overnight you can create instant buzz! Why? Trends. So stick with the networks you have chosen and make them work for you! Businesses usually struggle with social media because they don't know how to adapt and don't know how they work. However, when used properly, they are a great tool to measure how your business is doing and also figure out who your clients are as much as what they are after!
Post after post, you will be able to figure out what users expect from you, what triggers their engagement, what they liked and disliked. There are many ways to get your audience's attention: hashtags (#), mentions and tags are some of them. However, you hardly have control over how popular a hashtag will be. In other words, there is nothing more fickle than social media, so hang in there!

We know it; all social media was not born equal. In fact in Australia the most popular one remains Facebook, followed by YouTube with about 14,000,000 users, then Word Press Blog with 5,650,000 users. Instagram is now entering the arena with no less than 5,000,000 monthly active users! However, no matter how popular a network is, you should always choose yours according to how consistent it is with your company's strategy and philosophy. Three empty and inactive accounts are far worse than no account at all...
Social media is an art, that's why you need to know how it works before taking the plunge! If you need help with your social media, then give us a call today on (07) 5592 2685 or email and talk to us about building your presence on social media.

So give us a call and get social today!

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Are you taking advantage of twitters new features?

Yesterday we discussed where Facebook is heading in the future, making it harder and harder for businesses to connect with consumers free of charge. Today I want to talk to you about the way twitter is evolving and how as a business you can take advantage! We all know twitter chats through the use of hashtags and can be used to engage with a large audience. In an effort to help its users connect further the social media company has added a few new features in 2014.

Whether you're trying to connect with consumers free of charge or willing to pay for advertising here's a look at some new features twitter has added this year:
1. New look for web – twitter has introduced a larger profile photo, the ability to customise your header and changed the layout allowing users to show off their top tweets. It's a fantastic shift as the web moves towards being more visual appealing for consumers.
2. Tag photos from your mobile - users can now tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have 140 characters to write. This is excellent making it easier for businesses to jam in more content to connect.
3. Users can now share up to four photos in one tweet.
4. New features to twitter alerts. The company has added some new features to make twitter alerts more accessible.
5. Twitter supports emoji's on web.
6.Relevant promoted accounts can be shown when users search along with recommendations of people to follow (paid feature).
7.Analytics added for twitter cards. Businesses can now gain insight into how well their content is performing on twitter and find tips to help make more strategic decisions.

From twitters recent updates you can see the company is trying to improve the 'twitter' experience for users. Making the visual shift, it is evident through a lot of their new features i.e. adding new tagging features, increasing the number of images that can be shared, changing the web layout the company is making a couscous effort to be more visually appealing to users. This benefits both consumers and businesses when it comes to connecting and sharing content. Another fantastic feature that has been added is the analytics used to measure how well posts are performing. A great new free feature all businesses should be using to measure how well their posts are doing on Twitter.

Although just as we saw through Facebook's recent changes, Twitter is also making improvements in advertising and promotions in an effort to gain revenue from businesses to promote through their brand website. As much as some of the new features are great for businesses, some of these features can only help big businesses who can afford to pay for advertising and promotions.

Keep an eye out for some posts next week where we talk about other trending social media sites and how they are evolving to benefit your business.

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Samsung using subliminal messages with 'bigest selfie in history'

Who saw the biggest 'selfie in history' on Sunday night? Spontaneously taken in the middle of the Oscar broadcast or so we thought. The stunt actually happened to be a cunning marketing tactic of product placement by technology giant Samsung.

The photo which was a huge talking point of the night was taken by actor Bradley Cooper and included a huge group of celebrities has now become the most retweeted photograph ever being subsequently shared or retweeted more than 2 million times in just two hours and also momentarily crashing twitter. It smashed the past record held by president Obama when he got re-elected 4 years ago.

Samsung who was a sponsor of the Oscar spent around $20 million on ads during the broadcast but what got the brand the most promotional mileage was the selfie itself. An image going viral is something you just can't buy.

While the tweet didn't even mention Samsung, it was clear on the TV that it was taken by a Samsung phone. Around the time of the broadcast the company was getting around 900 mentions a minute on social media.

It's safe to say the stunt produced by Samsung in the Oscars was an enormous success.

Think how you can incorporate your product with subliminal messages into your business without pushing to sell. Obviously scale it down and be realist. While a small business might not have the capabilities or resources to be televised on the Oscars look locally and think outside your box.

Look into joint ventures with other companies and how you can promote each other. Maybe think about sending free products to someone that has a big audience on social media. Or think local fares, markets, sports teams, concerts and how you can incorporate your brand. This could be a fantastic new avenue for your business and can create a good amount of exposure for you.

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Utilize Social Media to Benefit Your Business More - What does your twitter page say about you?

Social media sites help convey a businesses brand and a positive first impression, so look at making your site a lasting one! Twitter has been deemed “the conversational search engine of our time.” And as a business you want to be the centre of that conversation. Twitter is taking it one step further than any other social media site and now making it easier than ever for businesses to visually customize their profile to convey their brand.

Many businesses have already jumped on the band wagon, however there are also many businesses who are not taking advantage of this great free advertising space.

By customizing your background, profile header, photo steam and profile picture it’s such a great chance to be able to uniquely show what your business does, show your contact details or photos in a creative light to your potential customer.

So are you using twitter to your advantage? If not, then why – it’s a perfect opportunity to represent your business, connect with your consumers and build a relationship.

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