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FREE techniques you can do to increase traffic to your website

People are searching for your business online as you read this article. Just because you have a website does not mean that you will be found online. SEO has become an important tool that needs to be included in any online marketing plan. Both online and off-line techniques are used to drive traffic to your website and it is this traffic that will move you up the search engine ranks and in turn help you increase sales.  It does not happen overnight, so don't get discouraged if at first you don't see much movement. SEO will take at least 3 months to really get you going places; of course if you have big budgets then you can jump up that search list even more quickly.

Below are some tips you may not be familiar with that can help get the traffic flowing:

Let's have a look!

1. We have all heard that 'Content is King'

This technique looks at keeping your content fresh on your website, which is why many people have blogs now. Think of how you can provide great information about your business, product or service in a fresh and interesting way. Ensure you have keywords within the content to help with searching as well. As you should already be aware of this technique, we are going to talk about a method called "digg-like", which can also help you generate traffic. The idea behind websites like Digg is relatively easy to understand. On the Internet, there are a number of websites where you can post your blog article with the intention for users to read and like your information. The more likes your article gets, the higher it will be on the website's main page, which will then introduce their visitors to your brand. So check out Digg, BuzzFeed, Upworthy and Reddit to help spread the word about your business.

2. Get cozy online with 'Influencers'

It is great when people share your content and brand with the people around them, but even better if you can get the people known as 'influencers' to spread your message as well. "Real influencers", are people running blogs, online magazines, and social media pages that have thousands of followers. These people could be celebrities, as well as everyday people who have become Internet sensations. Try and connect with influencers that focus on topics within your particular industry. These people have created loyal followers who are interested in what they have to say, the products they use and the trends they are on top of. They help create wider visibility of your brand and by using influencers who are well known within your target market will help increase the flow of traffic to your site. Most influencers make their money by promoting these brands and products, so unless they are an advocate of your brand and promote you for free then you will most likely need to pay for the 'shout out'.

3. Become the Guest Blogger

By becoming a guest blogger you are creating opportunities to grow your blog readership and platform, increase awareness of your brand and build your personal reputation within the industry you do business in. When guest blogging you must negotiate with the host blogger to include a link to your blog in the post somewhere, usually at the beginning or end. After all, you want to increase your online visibility and over time, these backlinks will raise the value of your blog (aka brand) on search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One of the best things about becoming a guest blogger is that it allows you to enter an already-established community, and share your message with new people. If you are adding value to the blog or discussion, you will see that convert over time to more readers, fans, and followers of your own brand. On the flip side, if all you ever do is sell your brand or product, you may end up well-known, but with a reputation you may not want. No matter the platform you use, whether it is social media or blogs it is always best to post more information that is informative, fun and helpful for your audience than a full on sales pitch. By all means you are there to increase your brand online and to make more sales, but you have to have a balance and by adding value over time you will see the results you are looking for.

When guest blogging make sure you do the following:

1. Link to the post from your blog
2. Promote it on your social media platforms (several times). Tweet it, Share it, Post it
3. Thank the person
4. Stick around and respond to any comments there may be on the blog

Guest blogging also works the other way as well. So think about who could guest blog on your site. Some bloggers will blog about their guest post and link it to their own blog giving you some great link opportunities that will increase your traffic, which is what we are looking for right! Allowing guest bloggers will also help you build a professional blogger network.

4. Using Forums

Forum posts are becoming a more and more popular way for businesses and people to increase their website page ranking. It is a great opportunity for you to express your knowledge, build credibility and connect with people you already know are interested in what your brand, product or service is all about.

However, a huge mistake would be to register on a forum only to promote your website, although this is your end goal – to increase traffic to your site, like posting on social media you need to be providing useful and interesting information that your audience wants to read. People who blatantly promote themselves and their business will usually turn people off their brand, as the people using these forums usually don't like that type of behaviour and in turn would be bad for your online reputation. You could lose these potential customers.
To avoid this type of situation, we advise you first help these forum users who may need to solve a problem or are in need to talk with others who are more knowledgeable than themselves. This doesn't mean that you can't still put your website URL, we just suggest you put it with a short description in your signature (the little text area that appears automatically) if the forum permits you to. Be active and be nice, do not act with only your website's promotion in mind.

If you have proved your expertize several times, and your posts reflect the quality of the work you are offering, people will be interested in visiting your website and be more likely to go one step further and want to purchase what you have to offer. So do a search online for good forums talking about your industry and get on board.

5. Quora

Have you ever heard of Quora? It is actually a website where Q&A (Questions & Answers) are organized on just about every topic known to man. This type of Q&A service is soaring in popularity with a lot of questions being asked online, and you are free to offer your answer to these.
Some things to keep in mind when thinking of using Quora within your marketing mix:

i) You can find new ideas to talk about
ii) Create and build content
iii) You are opening the lines of communication with your target audience
iv) Build on your own communication skills when dealing with your audience
v) Ask good, interesting questions or provide great relevant answers
vi) Work on building your presence within the community of Quora
vii) You must monitor and engage, if you don't do this then there is no point in you being there

By using Quota you are giving yourself the opportunity to gain exposure to Quora's 700,000+ monthly visitors; however in marketing it is always a good idea to break that number down and find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry, and build your expertise and authority on your chosen topic as you will be judged by the quality of your questions and answers. If all goes well, your audience is more likely to trust you and will more often than not take that next step to contact you one-on-one or visit your website to learn more about you, your product or service. So don't forget to put a link to your site, but again, you are not there to be a self-promoter first and foremost, you are there to offer your expertise.
I think it is also important that no matter your industry that you continue to learn and Quora has become a great place for you and me to learn from other users, customers, industry experts and of course from even our competitors. Besides posting questions and answering questions, you can build a Quora page for your business, use the site for market research, and start a Quora blog and publish stories.

6. Social Media

Our social media accounts have become such an integral part of our daily life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on have also become embedded in our business marketing strategy. All accounts are free but because so many businesses use them as well, these days there are also options to create paid advertisements within each account to boost your reach.

Your accounts are an extension of your website and you probably interact with them more than your actual site, unless you are blogging of course. They allow you to get in touch with your clients and vice versa, with many large company's having social media 'call centres' or people within small businesses dedicated to be on the social media accounts to handle any enquires, questions or complainants. You can use them to promote your new products or services, to build your online reputation and to reach possible new clients. The idea of using social media to promote your business is great, but achieving great results is not as easy as it seems.

Like all the other techniques we have mentioned social media as a marketing tool also has a number of rules and a so called code of conduct that you need to follow to have any chance of success. One of the biggest issues is finding time to post and what to post and where to post that many business owners face. It can be very daunting especially if you are a small business and do not have a dedicated social media manager; after all you are dedicating your time to growing your business and servicing clients, not sitting on social media all day.
However fi you are blogging you should be linking your blog to all social media accounts, but each account will have its own rules so you do need to adjust each post to each account you use, but always link it back to your blog, after all we are looking at increase traffic here. Don't just post once – post many times from the one blog piece. Each post should also have its own image to represent each point of view from your blog.

You want to encourage your audience to comment, to like and most importantly to share. Make sure your notifications are set up so that when people are commenting, liking or sharing that you are thanking them or responding to any questions they may have. It is here where you will build customer loyalty and show other members of your audience who have not engaged with you the type of business you are and it will help them to trust you easier by seeing your interaction with others.

One of the most common ways to increase customers from Facebook is to organize events on your page such as discounts, competitions and sales. For example, you can offer discounts on your products to customers that have shared your Facebook page or if you want to increase shares and likes you can run a competition.

7. Yahoo and Bing: are you neglecting these search engines?

When it comes to SEO and search engines most businesses will concentrate on Google, as it seems to rule the roost. If you are ranking well on Google that does not mean you will rank well on Yahoo and Bing. Each search engine needs its own strategy. If you don't optimise for the three you may be missing out on some great business opportunities.

With SEO it is important to have high quality backlinks and these hold weight on both Google and Bing. One of the things SEO experts are always aware of is the search engine algorithms, as these can affect your rankings and the work they do to help your website rank higher. With Google it recognises synonyms and context around a keyword that is being used, however with Bing it is better to be more exact with your keywords. A number of years ago Google announced that it does not care all that much about meta keywords and descriptions as ranking factors, Bing and Yahoo however still consider these factors , so add those meta keywords and descriptions in your website, after all what have you got too loose except increases across the SERPs.

We have talked about Flash content and SEO before in previous blogs and for Google this has not changed. Google does not like Flash and has trouble crawling Flash sites or Flash content within sites. Bing on the other hand understands and crawls Flash sites quite well.  No one really likes to tell you their age, but when it comes to Domain age and page authority in SEO, Bing finds this to be important when assigning rank. Google is more interested in quality backlinks pointing towards a domain and doesn't put as much importance on domain age as Bing. However, the both have the same favourite's .edu, and .gov and websites.

As we mentioned in the title all of these techniques that you can use are FREE and it doesn't hurt you to play around and be aware of how you can increase traffic to your website. Your site has become one of the major marketing tools you will have online so it is important to spend time working on increasing visitation. If like many other small to medium sized businesses and you simply don't have the time then you can always talk to us about getting a FREE SEO report on your website to see where you actually sit and look at how we can help you.

Click here for your report, otherwise you can email us at

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It is estimated that about 2.72 million people will be using social media by 2019. That is almost three times more than in 2010!  In April alone there were more than 1,590 million people using Facebook and up to 1 million of those users are Australians. This represents as many opportunities for you to increase your client base.

There are a lot of social networks to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to use and which will be of benefit to your business. Should you go for LinkedIn? How about Pinterest? What's Google+? Is Tumblr a good idea for your business? The list can go on and on and in many cases you will have multiple accounts.

Companies usually tend to choose the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This would work for you too if you don't target a particular niche. However, keep in mind that the social network you are choosing should be consistent with your audience's habits. So if everyone is using Pinterest, but your target market is on Tumblr, then you should use Tumblr. In other words, you should go where your audience is!

Most people think that creating their account is enough. The bad news is that it's NOT! Social media requires a lot of time and maintenance and it does not necessarily come easily to all of us. The social network you will choose will need to be relevant and should be consistent with your business – a restaurant for instance, would get more traction with an Instagram account than a LinkedIn account.

Here are three simple tips to help you figure out which social network would work best for YOU:

TIP #1: Choose your social media according to the time and available resources you have.

Social media is interactive, live, simple to use and comes in handy when you need to share exciting news or information with your audience. However and as mentioned before, they require maintenance and forethought, which can represent a great deal of time out of your working day.

Spending too much time on social media will hurt your business as it might lead to a loss in productivity particularly if you don't have someone hired especially for that job. On another hand, spending too little time would result in a failure to keep up with your audience. Tricky!  The truth is if you decide to adopt social media, it will then represent a real aspect of your marketing strategy.
To make it work, you can't post too much, too little or irrelevant content: it is all about balance. A post a day at about the same time should be the minimum to keep your audience interested.

TIP #2: Know what your ultimate goal is.

Social media is an awesome way to communicate with your customers, and posting is actually a lot of fun! But before anything else, you should know what your goal is and what you expect from your social media. Having a goal is important and will help you determine whether or not your marketing strategy is viable and for how long. This will also allow you to know what to post, when to post and who you are targeting. All in one!

TIP #3: Don't give up!

Social media at times can fail and stagnate for a while, but the one beautiful thing about it, is that overnight you can create instant buzz! Why? Trends. So stick with the networks you have chosen and make them work for you! Businesses usually struggle with social media because they don't know how to adapt and don't know how they work. However, when used properly, they are a great tool to measure how your business is doing and also figure out who your clients are as much as what they are after!
Post after post, you will be able to figure out what users expect from you, what triggers their engagement, what they liked and disliked. There are many ways to get your audience's attention: hashtags (#), mentions and tags are some of them. However, you hardly have control over how popular a hashtag will be. In other words, there is nothing more fickle than social media, so hang in there!

We know it; all social media was not born equal. In fact in Australia the most popular one remains Facebook, followed by YouTube with about 14,000,000 users, then Word Press Blog with 5,650,000 users. Instagram is now entering the arena with no less than 5,000,000 monthly active users! However, no matter how popular a network is, you should always choose yours according to how consistent it is with your company's strategy and philosophy. Three empty and inactive accounts are far worse than no account at all...
Social media is an art, that's why you need to know how it works before taking the plunge! If you need help with your social media, then give us a call today on (07) 5592 2685 or email and talk to us about building your presence on social media.

So give us a call and get social today!

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With a never ending stream of content on social media, businesses need to work harder to stand out from the crowd. Visuals have a better chance of grabbing users' attention than any other type of content. They can tell your brand's story in a much more energetic way than a block of text ever could. Visual posts result in 180% greater engagement. Today I want to share with you six ways to connect with your followers using social media images:

1. Mix it up with videos. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, imagine the worth of a video! Take your businesses visuals to the next level by sharing videos with your audience. On Facebook, videos can get 12 times more shares than any other type of content. Videos on social media platforms are experiencing astounding growth, so jump on board!

Mercedes Benz is a great example of a company that use videos on social media to tell captivating stories about its products and company culture. Most of their videos get a lot of likes, shares and comments. In this simple but effective clip, instead of just using a still image, the company created a effective 15 second video to take a look at its AMG C63.

2. Inspire your audience with quote graphics, they are perfect to encourage your followers to stop, think and engage with your content. These are some of the most shared images on social media because they are so relatable. Create visually appealing quote graphics that suits your business. They can be used for any purpose: to motivate, entertain, advocate, intrigue, amuse.. anything!
Take online magazine More Than A Pretty Face, who interview women of substance, they post a lot of inspiring quotes which really relate to their brand values. A recent quote 'I stopped looking for the light. I decided to become it instead' is a great example how they successfully connect with their followers. They chose an inspiring relatable quote and the graphics are visually appealing to match the tone of their message.

mtapf quote

Style your quote so your followers want to become a part of the conversation and hopefully share. Keep in mind, you want to always post with purpose. Think about what the particular quote says about your business and decide if that message is relatable to your target audience. If it is relatable, then turn it into a stylish graphic that brings the words to life!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. GET PERSONAL! It gets engagement levels up and adds a whole new dimension to your social media pages.

3. Use customer submitted images. It's easy to forget the storytelling power of images submitted by your followers when you're looking for new ways to increase engagement. Using customer submitted images tells a story of their experience with your business and the positive way it's impacted them. Also, it's a great way to thank consumers and show you are dedicated to them by featuring them on your page.


4. Acknowledge company milestones. Share your success with your audience, it's a fantastic way to boost engagement. Your followers are the most important part of your journey as a business, so keep them updated with what's happening. Posts marking milestones shouldn't be as common as your other visual content, so treat them as something special when creating the image.


5. Bring your page to life and share behind the scenes shots. Let your followers into your business and make them fall in love. How is your product made? Who are the people behind the logo? Add some humour to the mix and these posts can really be successful.
Locals business Blackboard coffee does a great job of getting personal on their social media sites. By connecting with their followers on a personal level, they humanize the Blackboard brand. They encourage audiences to connect as a friend, rather than a business, which majorly boosts engagement. The business mixes up their social media pages by reposting customers images, behind the scenes snaps of the staff, new recipes and share important milestones like features in newspapers etc. Check out their page if you want a great example of getting personal:

blackboard-behind the scenes

6. Be different!
Don't be identical to other brands, this is a huge mistake social media accounts make. Some images are popular or funny for a reason, but most of the time your audience has already seen this content a number of times before! Share original visual content that's tailored to your audience. Post images that highlight your brand personality and the people behind it. Try to take it that step further, go out and take new photos and design your own graphics.

Another important factor businesses must take into consideration are the types of content they are sharing, share text graphics, videos, flat-lay images, landscape and portrait images, up-close and far away images. Consumers want to see a mix of visual content, not the same boring stuff! Check out local brand The Beach People who have been incredibly successful through social media They use a great variety of images and have really gained some traction because of it.

the beach people

Develop a theme of colours that look good together. Use emotive colour palettes to improve your images. Play with unique photo filters, colour schemes and palettes.
Just as colours invoke up emotions, so can fonts. You wouldn't use an elegant script typeface to advertise a festival advert. Take into consideration what your posting, your brand and audience to pick a font to suit. Remember the most visually appealing your page looks the more people it will attract.

There are a lot more elements to sharing visual content than meets the eye. If you need help with managing your social media accounts leave it to us! There are 1.39 billion monthly active on Facebook alone. Your business needs to put its best foot forward to target those users before your competitors! Call us today on (07) 5592 2685 or email alternately jump onto to read more.

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The Power of Influence Marketing

A big challenge new businesses face is getting their product or services in front of consumers. How can you grow your online presence and expose your brand if nobody knows you exist? A quick and easy way to increase exposure is to collaborate with people who already have loads of engaged followers.

There are so many things a business can do to market its products or services, most take time and money and even then they have no guarantee of success. Though getting a product into the hands of the right social media influencer could mean it's exposed to hundreds of thousands of consumers overnight.

So how can you identify these influencers? Influencers have a massive following and their followers are extremely engaged in everything they do. Their followers are loyal, have a lot of trust in what they say and highly regard their recommendations.
Usually influencers are on:
- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media channels
- Blogs
- Vlogs e.g. YouTube
These offer countless opportunities for exposure through social sharing. Once an influencer shares your product, it will be seen by thousands even millions and then shared by their followers.
Stay tuned we share how you can find influencers that are right for your business. Or jump onto to read the post now.

So how can you find these influencers?
Influencers are easy to identify. You need to research and be on the platforms you want to grow. Search on Google and through social media channels to find the influencer that best fits your brand.
Influencers usually have:
- A large social media following
- Lots of engagement with comments, likes and shares
- High amount of traffic numbers to their websites

Now it's all about the PITCH! You need to really sell yourself to get the attention of the influencer. Here are six keys to a successful pitch:

1. Tailor your pitch and use the influencer's first name in the email.
2. Introduce yourself and your brand in a few sentences.
3. Explain why you like them and how your brand relates to them.
4. Offer your product or service as a free gift.
5. Include a call to action to make them respond.
6. Be short and sweet, influencers get a very high amount of emails a day, don't bore them.
Next follow up with the Influencer. Influencers are very busy people, if you don't hear back from them, send a follow up message. We have found from experience sometimes a free gift is not enough. These days being an influencer is a full time job and depending on how big their audience is, they expect to be paid if you want your product promoted. Consider asking them to do a paid post, depending on the cost, this can be beneficial. The amount you pay for a post compared to how much you might sell could be worth it in the end.

If you still haven't heard from them be persistent, there are other ways to attract the attention of influencers:
- Follow them on social media and comment, like or share their content.
- Add comments to their blog to generate discussion and be noticed.
Please note that if you're trying this, DON'T promote your product. You need to build a relationship with the influencer, then you can try to pitch again later.

Once the influencer is willing to work with your brand, what happens next just depends on the type of posts they do because each person interacts with their audience differently.

Here's a few examples of how your product or service might be featured by the influencer:
- Sharing a photo from your social media account with the influencer's followers.
- Mentioning your brand in a positive light.
- Reviewing your product or service and sharing information about where to buy it.
- Holding a contest to give away one of your products or sharing a personalized discount code.
After the influencer has shared their post make sure you show your gratitude! Send an email to thank them and also make sure you share their post to your followers. Doing this will help you build a relationship with the influencer as well as gain your business status online.

Working with influencers is fantastic to build your brand. It's a quick way to be seen reaching a lot of people that you couldn't reach alone. Although be careful, you need to make sure you are picking influencers that are specific to your industry. Too often we see brands using influences that aren't quite right and they don't get the benefits out of it, making it a waste of time and money.

Talk to us today about using influence marketing for your business. We can pick the right influencers, help you pitch to them and monitor the success. Call us on (07) 5592 2685 or email

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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Snapchat

If you're in retail or the hospitality industry are you on Snapchat? If not read on!

New social media platforms are continuously popping up online, creating opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers in new ways. One social media platform that has been growing in popularity lately is Snapchat, an app that is built around telling a story with pictures. It's a text, photo and video messaging app that is used to send messages that disappear in 1-10 seconds after your contact receives them. Although Snapchat still seems foreign and new to most businesses with over 400 million snaps shared every day, it has huge potential to connect with consumers. Let's take a look how your business can use Snapchat to its advantage:

1. New Products
Use Snapchat to showcase your new products or services instantly to consumers! Snapchat can be a useful method of generating hype about a new product before it's released. Sending snaps and sharing stories to your contacts could enthuse them and increase word of mouth. For example, if your in hospitality and have new menu, why not share the delicious food and drinks with your contacts.. Or if you are retail store that's got new stock, instantly connect with your consumers and send them fun, captivating snaps of what's just arrived!

Taco Bell is a great example of a company that does this fantastically! They get employees to share new products on their Snapchat, creating a Snapchat story of the product that creates excitement. The company has an 80% open rate on the snaps they send which is unheard of against other marketing methods like email. Taco Bell is so successful on Snapchat because they talk the language of their target market on the app (millennials and teens). They use emojis, use the drawing features and are witty which is a big part of the 18-35 aged year bracket behaviour.

2. Promotions
Why not look at using Snapchat to send out exclusive promotions! It's a fun innovative way to connect with consumers, create hype and grow your contacts. For businesses that have an ecommerce or store presence, this can be a great way to take advantage of Snapchat, while also engaging with users on the new platform. It can help you reward loyalty as well as help you build up your audience on the platform.
A prime example of a company that kicked butt at a Snapchat promotion was a frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles. It ran the promotion in three steps, first the customer would send a Snapchat of themselves tasting the yogurt in the store to the companies Snapchat account. Then 16 Handles would automatically send a Snapchat image of a coupon back to the consumer. Finally the customer would have to wait to open the snap containing the coupon until they were at the register ready to pay, because when the image was opened, it would automatically delete 10 seconds later. The coupon could be anywhere from 16% -100% off the purchase. This was a very successful promotion to increase sales and get consumers excited!

3. Customer Questions
A new way to communicate with your audience that many businesses have not yet delved into, is providing real time answers in 1-10 second photos or videos. For example if a user snaps a question or is not sure of something about your product, you can instantly respond with a video or picture. It's a great way to answer their question instantly while also building trust and commitment towards your consumers.

4. Behind the Scenes Snaps
Giving consumers the option to add you on Snapchat can create exclusivity when you send them snaps. Snapchat can be used to give contacts a 'backstage pass' to your operations, activity and dealings showing them things they normally wouldn't see. By allowing users a sneak peak and insight into special events, products or services, you can create unique and engaging content. A great example of a social media influencer who is doing this extremely well is Gary Pepper, who has thousands of connected users and uses Snapchat to instantly share where she is, events she's at, the people she's with and so forth. In doing so Gary Pepper is increasing her popularly and making her followers feel privileged.

5. Stand Out From Your Competition
Do you know of many businesses on Snapchat? Well I defiantly don't!! Get a head start on your competitors and connect with your consumers in real time. Become a Snapchat expert and learn how to use it, harness the latest features Snapchat releases, such as building stories with snaps, chat and show breaking news (a feature Snapchat is working on). With a valuation of $10 billion and millions of users on the platform, Snapchat is a new social media avenue businesses should jump on!

Using the power of social media to engage and carry your messages to new audiences is crucial in today's market. If you're a business that has an ecommerce or store presence, talk to us today to learn more about social media and how it can be applied to your business. For more information on social networking for your business call us on (07) 5592 2685, email: or jump on our site to read more

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Common Pinterest mistakes your business might be making!

Any company can make a business page on Pinterest but if you really want to reap the benefits from the popular social media site, you need to get it right!! Let's take a look at how you can promote your business to get the most out of Pinterest.

1. Your business page:
Many businesses leave their pages incomplete or put little effort into them! A complete, well presented business page is vital to generating website traffic, increasing your sales and building a strong brand on Pinterest. It can also make it easier for users to find you through search engines and draw relevant followers to your page. Take a look at Mashable's Pinterest account as shown in the image we shared, they do a fantastic job of a well structured business page. To have a look at their page head to

Now you understand how important it is to have a complete business page, let's look at what you need:

a. Have a detailed and interesting 'about' section so users can easily find everything about your business in the one spot. This will also make it easier for users to find you through search engines.
b. Make sure you verify your website. This is great for SEO! Having your website link can help drive higher amounts of traffic to your website. You will also be able to use the web analytics tool after verifying your site.
c. Be recognizable! Have your business name, profile image and location clear.
d. Make sure the images you're using on your boards are attractive. Rearrange your boards so that the important images are at the top.
e. Link your social media accounts.

2. Posting:
One of the most common mistakes on Pinterest is pinning everything at once! Users follow a variety of accounts to see an assortment of pins, they don't want to see all yours at once. If you do pin everything at once, your pins will drown out the feed which can annoy users forcing them to unfollow you. A simple solution if you don't have time to pin at different times throughout the day is to schedule your pins so that you have one or two coming out every one or two hours. This will not only keep your current followers happy, but will also help you attract new ones.

3. Categories:
By adding categories to your board you can get A LOT more exposure for your pins. Normally only users that follow you or those looking at your page can see your pins although when you add board categories your pins will appear in the category the board belongs to and users looking through that category will see your pins, creating more engagement and website traffic for you! So MAKE SURE you add board categories that are relevant to your industry to help you reach a larger audience.
Check out Maryann Rizzo, an interior designer that has gained huge traction on Pinterest. As shown in the image shared her categories are all relevant to her industry and she does a fantastic job of it!
In our next post we highlight how crucial descriptions are, alternatively jump onto to read our full post.

4. Descriptions:
Descriptions are one of the most important parts of pinning! When users look at your image you need to share more information! If you don't take the time to write a proper description your missing out on exposure and potential sales! A good description tells the reader more about the image and how users can interact with it. Take a look at the image we shared, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The company nailed the description by being interesting and punchy while also sharing a link for users to read more.

Here's some quick tips to help you improve on your descriptions:

a. Write descriptions that are at least 300 characters long. A study shows pins that have longer descriptions get more re-pins.
b. Include a link.
c. Use call to actions. An easier way to get users to click the link is to write short call to actions like 'click to read the full blog post' or 'find out more by clicking ...'.
d. Add a price if possible.
e. Use keywords and hashtags.
Watch out for our next post, we will talk about sharing content and how important socializing is! To read our full blog head to

5. Sharing content:
Don't underestimate the power of sharing. To use Pinterest successfully, you need to share loads of content, get followers that trust you and only then you can eventually share information about your products or services. When you share your pins on other social media networks, it will help you attract other followers from there. Try adding the Pinterest app to your Facebook profile to make it as easy as possible for users to find you. A great example of someone that shares lots of content is Ching Ya take a look!

6. Socialize:

And lastly, you can't expect to get anywhere without putting in the time. Many businesses just expect to pin their content and it will be shared. It doesn't work like that, businesses need to connect and get to know users that are in their industry and interested in the same content. Jump onto Pinterest and like, comment and tag users in pins. The more effort you put in, the better results you will get back!

Did you know we can help you get social! If you need help or simply don't have the time to run your own accounts we can do it for you! For more information on social networking for your business call us on (07) 5592 2685, email: or jump on our site to read more

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Learn how to make your website's content Social Media friendly!!

Social media is a great low cost avenue to spread your website content. Although is it friendly? You may just need to make some small adjustments to get your content shared. The more friendly you make it, the more likely your readers will be to repost it!

Here's three quick tips to get your content shared:

1. We all know how important images are, creating more results for businesses than ever before, it's fundamental that your images are very appealing and shareable on social networks.
Just because an image looks fantastic on your website doesn't mean it will look good on a social media post. Always check how your images look before actually posting. This can easily be done by creating the post and adding your URL on the page your posting. Here you can see if you have any issues with cropping, sizing or formatting. If your images are cut off or too close, adjust your image size on your website. Usually square images look clean across most social networks.
Look at the two pictures we posted, a clothing company IzzQ Designs and fast food comapny Nandos. Can you see which company clearly has resized there images correctly?

Each social network has a perfect image size for a post and unfortunately it's not all the same. If you're only interested in optimizing your images for a few networks then look at the best image dimensions for just those networks. is a great website to use because it's regularly updated to include any changes on major social media channels and has in depth image size information.

2. Once your images are optimized the next step is to review your meta data. For social media posts, the two most important pieces of meta data are the page title and description. On Facebook the four things users see when sharing a website is the image, title, description and comment from the user sharing the link. When users are sharing content from your site, you can't control what they write though you can control everything else. Make sure your meta data makes sense and is clear.

Your titles should be short, punchy and under 100 characters to capture the readers attention. The Description can be longer, ideally around 250 characters. When writing the description include keywords because most social media channels have their own keyword based search engine. Using the correct keywords will help you stay visible in the main feed and to anyone who is searching for the topic on the site.

If you need help finding keywords use Google Keyword Planner or a search engine on a social network site. A great example to find keywords on social networks is Pinterest as shown in the picture.

3. Next, the main goal is to get your content shared. So make sure your site has share buttons! Major blogs and news companies do a fantastic job of this, so take a look at some of their sites.

When choosing social share buttons look at what works best on your website. If you are after all inclusive plugins take a look at: or No matter what type of share buttons you choose, the most important things to keep in mind is placement, customization and tracking.
Twitter is very customizable when it comes to share buttons; an example is Huffington Post which customizes every post directly shared from their site. Another example that does a great job is Forbes, whenever a user jumps on their site they make the buttons very visible and easily sharable.

Whatever type of sharing button you use its important to make sure you're tracking your analytics. It's an easy way to test to see which pages on your website are performing the best on social media.
Also keep in mind fresh content is KEY! It gives your viewers a reason to return to your website and share your content. I hope these quick tips help you get your website content shared! If you need help revamping your website talk to us today. Call 07 55922685 or email or jump onto to look at our packages.

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Use Facebook Apps as a Marketing Tool

Facebook offers a number of features that stretch far beyond just social networking. From advertising to insight into analytics, many of these tools can be beneficial to your business if you're looking to build your online presence and increase sales.

But have you ever looked at using apps as a marketing tool on your Facebook Page? Here are some excellent Facebook apps your business can benefit from:

Use Facebook, not only on a social level but a shopping one too! There are many high quality ecommerce apps that can bring the use and customizability of an online storefront straight onto your Facebook page. Adding a storefront to your page is a fantastic tool to sell directly to your Facebook followers. It can be very beneficial to your business and in turn can increase your sales. Your followers even have the option to 'like' your products, make comments on them and recommend them to friends. Depending upon your ecommerce provider look at using virtual storefronts such as:

• which is one of the largest apps, very quick and also has a free option.
• which can integrate with Magento, eBay, Etsy, Amazon and WordPress.
• which is used by major brands like Coca Cola and Fiji Water.
• which can integrate with over 12 different ecommerce providers.
• which is very user friendly and easy. You can only use Shopify if you run your online shop with them.
• which supports Magento, Amazon, Shopify and Prestashop and also has a free option.

These are just some of the many virtual storefronts available for Facebook but before you decide which shopping cart to use, choose one that gives you the option of importing your existing store's products in automatically to save you time. Also choose an app that gives you detailed Facebook ecommerce analytics so you know how well your store is performing with users and what you can improve on.

2.Another great app to build your online presence is adding your other social media accounts onto your Facebook page. Every day we're all trying to increase our social media followers right? Well now you have the option to add Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and much more using apps. It's great for functionality and to make your followers aware of your other accounts. It's the perfect way to offer more information and history about your business all in the one place. I really recommend adding some of these apps to your page, there very easy to integrate and have the possibility to take your page to new levels.

3.Or even look at incorporating a contact form, it's fantastic to collect users details and connect with them faster. Give your users the ease of being able to contact you while there browsing your page and build up your email list. It's a win-win situation. There are a few different contact form apps, some paid and some free. Depending on if you're willing to pay, the better the app will be. If your just looking for a basic contact form check out this one: , if you looking to customize your form with your branding and use data management this is another good one that comes at a cost: Being able to directly connect to your followers builds their trust and lets you form a relationship. This is an excellent and useful tool for converting your followers into possible sales leads.

Lastly I want to highlight a great app to promote any sales, discounts or contests. Running these kinds of promotions is a great way to keep your followers interested and to generate sales on your Facebook page. is an easy to use app and has various templates to make promotions. You can customize your campaigns without using any coding and you have complete creative control. The app is a paid app and has full email support, is responsive and customizable. If you think your business could benefit from this, there is a free trial! Give it a go and if it works for you maybe this is something you could invest in.

Some promotional examples you can run with this app are deals such as free shipping or sales, promotions like running a photo contest, giveaways or voting polls. This app gives you the chance to create a visually engaging promotion for your users to see when they jump on your page. Running promotions and giveaways is an excellent way to create a buzz, conversation and exposure for your business.

An extra tip I want to highlight is you can customize your apps tab on your Facebook page to tie in with your business branding which makes your page look professional and visually appealing. If you need help with apps or want one of our graphic professionals to make you some kick-ass custom icons talk to us today! Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Off-Page SEO Techniques

Recently we talked about On-Page SEO techniques you can use to increase your Search Engine Optimization. Today I want to talk to you about what you can do off your website to climb up the search engine ranks. Here's some techniques:

1. Getting involved with social media can help a business build their online presence! If you haven't already, open up business accounts on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and connect. Share your website links and ultimately aim for other users to share your content socially too! Search engines index across social media, the more links relating back to your site, the quicker you will be found.

Quick tip: for online retailers Pinterest can be an excellent tool for SEO and to increase sales. 70% of people on Pinterest use it to get inspiration on what to buy so capitalize on this! The social media platform easily gives users the opportunity for their image to go viral.

For example, if a business was selling furniture and posted a image of a desk with a caption stating their website with the name of the product and it was then repined by their followers and theirs, the original caption along with the photo would be getting shared throughout the site which is very effective for SEO.

2. Link Building is another very effective marketing tool for SEO! It's a technique of getting external pages to link to a page on your site and when its done correctly, can be very effective. Link Building can be done a number of ways such as:
- local and business listings
- online articles
- press releases for recent news, promotions or events
- videos
- forums
- answer sites
- web directories
- other blogs
Another great tactic for SEO is hosting giveaways and contests! The idea is simple, you give away something of value to your users and in return they socialize your business through social media platforms. It's a win,¬¬ win situation and if done properly will create a social buzz that links back to your site! Even after a contests or giveaway businesses have seen an increase of traffic to their site. Its great exposure as well as a perfect way to plant links back to your site!

3. Lastly, I want to highlight how great blogging is for SEO, it's such a simple technique but effective!! Search engines love fresh content, so blog! It's a great way to promote your website and gives users a reason to return to your site. It also helps search engines to crawl your website more frequently because they have to update your newest blog posts.
A quick tip: Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic, increase sales, and grow your brand but you must be careful because Google is aware some businesses use it as a spammy practice. Here's 4 tips to make sure your doing it right:
- Only post on high quality and websites relevant to your industry.
- Write original and quality content
- Make sure you link
- Build engaging and long term relationships to increase your visibility and establish yourself.

We have a range of plans to suit any business! Whether your budget is $50 or $200 per week, we can individually tailor plans to suit you. Talk to us today to organize your SEO plan for your website. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email Alternatively jump onto our website to find out more.

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It's time your business got into the art of hash tagging

The use of hashtags on social media creates an exclusive opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audiences. Initially developed by Twitter, the hash tag has moved from platform to platform to become a universal way of connecting content.

So start using hashtags and join the conversation today! You can use hashtags to increase your reach and brand awareness. Seek out trending hashtags related to your business and target audience. Most social networks include a list of popular hashtags which allow users to see the latest news and topics. Use this to your advantage! Posting content with a trending hash tag throughout your social media platforms lets users who want to learn more about the topic, but would have never seen your brand directly access your content. Post photos, information and videos related to your business! The more you post and hash tag the more you will be seen.
A site where you can copy trending hashtags to use on Instagram is
You can benefit from a hash tag when branding anything from a promotion to a big event. To create a strong brand presence on your social media platforms its vital your business creates a original hash tag to include in all of your posts.

Be sure to research before you choose it, so it does not get mixed up with other brands content. Also it must be simple but unforgettable so consumers can easily use it. Having your own hash tag lets users access all your brands online content posted by you or other consumers in one simple click.

Once you have an original hash tag start encouraging interaction with your fans! If you want to run a competition across multiple social media platforms is a great free tool to help you track your tags! You can also register your original hash tag on 'Tagboard' and include a description to make it clear that you have claimed it.
As a business you can benefit immensely from using hashtags throughout social media. If you would like to reach a new audience or establish a strong brand presence give hash tagging a go. As hashtags increasingly become the way to connect content, it's vital that you put thought into how you use them.

If you are having trouble with your social media marketing strategy talk to us today. We have staff of creative professionals that can help your business! Email or call (07) 5592 2685 alternatively jump on our website and read more:

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Successful Social Media Marketing Tools - Part 1

Successful social media marketing can lead to loyal customers, brand recognition and an increase in sales. Although this does not come simply, it requires a lot of hard work and time. With the growth of social media, there has been a growth of social media marketing tools. Over our next few posts we are going to highlight a number of useful social media marketing tools you should consider using.
1. Do you struggle to sift through all the information Google Analytic's gives you? Or do you even check it at all? Quill Engage is a fantastic free tool that emails you a weekly report of your websites data from Google Analytic's. It analysis's the most important insights about your website like your sites growth or decline, where your sites traffic is coming from, what post received the most traffic, goals you should be focusing on, plus much more!
Here's an example:
" Visits were up 24% from the previous week to 1327. Surpassing the 807-visit weekly average."

If you're struggling with your Google Analytics data, sign up to Quill Engage today and receive a clear concise weekly report. It can really free up your time and benefit your business!

2. Facebook offers a great app that allows you to manage and improve your strategy on the site using Post Planner .
It allows you to:
• Schedule your updates in advance
• Gives you a list of status ideas
• Allows you to see the most viral posts on Facebook
• Gives you insights on trending content based on the industry your in
• Offers free training to help you make the most of your presence on Facebook
With all these features your company can put their best foot forward and engage with consumers. It saves you time, gives you great content and will increase your reach!

3. Struggling to come up with blog headings? It's such an important factor of attracting readers. Now you can use a website called to test your blog post headings. The KingSumo headline tester gives you the option to create 2-10 headlines and see which one performs the best.
You can use the most engaging headline for your blog posts, emails or even use them for social media! Customers of KingSumo saw their traffic increase by 20%!! What a great way to enhance the amount of users reading your content.

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We all know how important social media is for your business, so how well are your pictures representing it? Today let's chat about creating the perfect cover and profile photo for your social media pages!

Here's five fantastic tips we have put together:

1. Your cover photo and profile picture is the first thing consumers see when they come to your page. That's why it's so important to put some serious time and effort into what you're putting up. Make sure the images are fitting to each social media channel. Include some creativity in your photos! This Jack Daniels photo is a great example and defiantly makes consumers look twice. Stop and put some thought into how you can think outside the box. 


2. Pay attention to dimensions. On most social networks you have a cover photo and banner that allow you to represent your brand to consumers. You need to take full advantage of these spaces. Uploading images without customizing, can sometimes work but most of the time you run the risk of ending up with cover photo elements that stretch beyond the image boundaries. Using the recommended image size for your cover photo, no matter which platform you're on is vital. It ensures the image works best for the space given without being cut off or distorted.

Here's a list of dimensions for the top social media platforms:

• Facebook- cover photo 815 x 315 pixels and profile picture 180 x 180
• Twitter – cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels and profile picture 400 x 400
• Google+ - cover photo 1080 x 608 and profile picture 250 x 250
• Linkedin – cover photo 646 x 220 and profile picture 100 x 60

3. Your photos are the main attraction on your profile, so using the correct brand colours for your business is a must. If the colours in your profile picture don't tie in with your cover photo your page can look incoherent. Branding plays an important role here and if you don't make it clear your consumers can mistake your brand or not recognise you. Your cover photo and profile picture don't need to match, but try using colours that complement each other.

4. Take advantage of the power your photos have. Running a promotion? Why not change your cover photo! It's such a simple but effective tool to highlight current promotions, the season or an upcoming event. If you have new products, a sale, promotion, anything share it!! Keep your consumers interested and aware of what's happening with your business! Take a look at this example of Lint promoting mother's day. 


5. One last tip I want to share with you, is ALWAYS include a description with links and call to action on any photo your using this way consumers can easily find your website, contact you or purchase your products!!

As I made clear earlier cover photos and profile pictures are the first thing your consumers are seeing when they look at your page! Make a fantastic first impression. If your having trouble with creating images, talk to us today! Our team of graphic designers and social media experts would love to help you out. Call 07 5592 2685 or email alternatively visit our website

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How you can use Facebook Groups for your business!

Facebook remains the number one social network in the world, with over 1.23 billion monthly users, so it's fair to say that's where your customers are at!! But sometimes connecting with those customers is not so easy. In a previous post we mentioned how advertising on Facebook is not really effective or practical for small businesses.
So one way your can target consumers on Facebook is with Facebook Groups.
If you didn't know, Facebook Groups revolve around communicating, sharing and interacting. In recent times they have grown immensely and being part of Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to bring people together that have common interests.
So how are groups different to Facebook Pages? Well pages are managed by a business and groups can be created by anyone. Facebook Groups create a more personalized experience for consumers.
For example: with group members, they automatically receive updates when any member posts in that group. When you look at a Facebook page, those members might not see everything you post. Members can also participate in chats, invite others to group events or the group, upload photos, collaborate on group docs, share updates, poll group members and message group members.

So how can you find groups?
With a massive amount of groups on Facebook, there is a group for just about anyone, all it takes is a little research and time.
1. Ask colleagues, friends, customers what groups they are in.
2. Facebook also has a 'suggested groups' feature you can look at using which is placed on top of your navigation bar when you view groups from your profile.
3. Or you can use the search bar to find groups. You just have to play with words and topics to find groups.
Once you have found some groups read their descriptions, If it suits and it is an open group then request to join.

Now it's time to network. Don't just sell and promote your own brand, you need to be genuine and helpful to users. Focus on communicating with group members, building relationships and answering questions. By connecting with consumers, in turn relationships will form turning into sales, referrals and partnerships. Remember to build awareness, post helpful informative and formative posts that are going to be of benefit to group members.
Being active on Facebook will help drive group members to your Facebook Page. Where your page needs to be full of useful and regular information for your target market. Consumers will then be to like and interact on it.
Facebook groups are easy to use, effective and a great way to connect with potential customers. So I recommend giving Facebook groups a go! The consumers are already there, all you have to do is join!
COMING SOON TO A FACEBOOK POST NEAR YOU: How to make a Facebook Group.

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Use Instagram to connect with consumers

Have you ever thought of using Instagram to boost your business and interact with customers? Over the weeks we have highlighted various social media platforms and today I want to discuss one of the most popular visual sharing platforms 'Insty'!
New reports find businesses are moving towards visual platforms and content instead of more traditional social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Businesses value social media marketing, particularly visual marketing more than ever before. On top of this Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular platforms to share content.
Today Instagram has more than 150 million users worldwide and is used by just about anyone. No matter what size your business is, the beauty of Instagram is you can compete with the big guys! Through creative visuals and videos you can really use the visual sharing platform to engage your audience and focus on how to build your business to generate sales.
Look at how you can master Instagram for your business:
• Use Instagram to create a window shop. Everyone loves to browse products so make your Instagram as visually appealing to the user's eye and show off your products.
• Show the process of how your products are made or bought. Consumers are intrigued by a story; give them an account that is interesting to follow and a look into where they are buying their products from.
• Let users see behind the scenes. Very few people actually get to experience this in real life.
• Show what your products can do, it's a fantastic opportunity to create demand. Be interesting and give your consumers that little bit more. Sometimes our imaginations can only take us so far!
• Make your followers feel special. Give them exclusive previews of your product or services, virtual tours of your stores, production areas or offices being made.
• Take your consumers with you. Have an event, party or trade show? Use this as an opportunity to take your Instagram followers with you wherever you go.
• Show your employees and yourself. Users love to see the human side to a company and the people behind the brand.
• Run competitions or giveaways. Make your followers feel special and gain more followers. Every once and a while run a competition, it benefits both you and your followers.
Now you have a brief understanding how to master Instagram, let's look at the social media sites newest features and how you as a small business can take advantage!
• Instagram introduces direct messaging. Users can now send photos and videos privately.
• Improved camera with a new filter, grid guide and themed shitter release button has been added.
• Speed and reliability improvements have been made on the app.
• Instagram improves its look. These are minor adjustments to the layout and appearance.
• New way to upload photos and access them easier.
• The explore feature on Instagram is now tailored to the user so their friends, interests and connected friends will now pop up instead of random users.
• Tagging features introduced. Now a user can tag the people in a photo.
From Instagram's newest features we can see the picture sharing giant, like most of the other social media platforms is improving its usability overall. With a new layout and features the app is now faster, user and visually friendly. These are small changes but necessary to keep up with the times. One pattern we can see, is Instagram is trying to help users connect on a new level by introducing tagging features, the explore feature being tailored to the user and direct messaging. Now users can privately talk which for a business is great to directly sell and keep in touch. The tagging feature is another great one for a business where users have the opportunity to tag businesses in their photos. For example if a user posted a picture of their food they can then tag the company in the photo where other followers will see and it would be keep on the businesses tagged images (similar to Facebook).
As I have mentioned time and time again, the world is becoming more visual and Instagram is a fantastic avenue to share your photos, connect with consumers and in turn generate sales. So hop on board if you haven't already. Talk to us today about all your social media needs. We love to help call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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How Linkedin is evolving in 2014

In our past few posts we have highlighted the benefits of using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for your business and how these social media platforms are evolving. Today let's talk about Linkedin!
Moving away from social media sites based on consumers, Linkedin connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. From humble beginnings starting up in a living room, LinkedIn has become a global destination for over 225 million users worldwide.
Over the last ten years Linkedin has changed the way professionals connect with one another letting users discover and pursue new business opportunities, giving them a new way to find information and share it as well as how companies can source new employees.
In 2014 the company has introduced a ton of new features, let's have a look:
• Introducing new 'trending content' feature. The site now displays trending topics so you can see what topics matter to your audience and how they are engaging.
• The SlideShare app is now available to all android users, bringing relevant and interesting content that is visually appealing and easy to read on your phone.
• Photo sharing feature is now available on your mobile making it easier to share your professional photos while you're on the move.
• Certified content introduced connecting companies with publishers to help you provide content under your own name or brand.
• New groups landing page introduced so it's now easier for you to stay up to date what's happening in your groups making your time on LinkedIn productive and time efficient.
• People you may know feature added.
• Member blocking feature added.
• Redesign of who's viewed your profile. New visual analytics and actionable insights have been added.
• Influencers publishing platform opened up to all members- Now you have the ability to follow other users who are not in your network and build your own group of followers.
From the ton of new features Linkedin have incorporated this year you can see two major changes that are being driven by the company. Linkedin is working hard to improve the user experience overall. Moving with technology, the company has redesigned some of their features, improved the mobile experience and made it easier to share and show pictures. Secondly Linkedin is concentrating heavily on its content and the way people can share it. By introducing certified content features and slideshare on mobile so users can show their content more easily, you can see Linkedin is improving the user-experience overall to help connect professionals.
If you are not on Linkedin I would highly suggest making an account! It's a fantastic place full of opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. Linkedin is a site to watch closely for companies that are keen to reach consumers and potential customers in a work context!!

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Are you taking advantage of twitters new features?

Yesterday we discussed where Facebook is heading in the future, making it harder and harder for businesses to connect with consumers free of charge. Today I want to talk to you about the way twitter is evolving and how as a business you can take advantage! We all know twitter chats through the use of hashtags and can be used to engage with a large audience. In an effort to help its users connect further the social media company has added a few new features in 2014.

Whether you're trying to connect with consumers free of charge or willing to pay for advertising here's a look at some new features twitter has added this year:
1. New look for web – twitter has introduced a larger profile photo, the ability to customise your header and changed the layout allowing users to show off their top tweets. It's a fantastic shift as the web moves towards being more visual appealing for consumers.
2. Tag photos from your mobile - users can now tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have 140 characters to write. This is excellent making it easier for businesses to jam in more content to connect.
3. Users can now share up to four photos in one tweet.
4. New features to twitter alerts. The company has added some new features to make twitter alerts more accessible.
5. Twitter supports emoji's on web.
6.Relevant promoted accounts can be shown when users search along with recommendations of people to follow (paid feature).
7.Analytics added for twitter cards. Businesses can now gain insight into how well their content is performing on twitter and find tips to help make more strategic decisions.

From twitters recent updates you can see the company is trying to improve the 'twitter' experience for users. Making the visual shift, it is evident through a lot of their new features i.e. adding new tagging features, increasing the number of images that can be shared, changing the web layout the company is making a couscous effort to be more visually appealing to users. This benefits both consumers and businesses when it comes to connecting and sharing content. Another fantastic feature that has been added is the analytics used to measure how well posts are performing. A great new free feature all businesses should be using to measure how well their posts are doing on Twitter.

Although just as we saw through Facebook's recent changes, Twitter is also making improvements in advertising and promotions in an effort to gain revenue from businesses to promote through their brand website. As much as some of the new features are great for businesses, some of these features can only help big businesses who can afford to pay for advertising and promotions.

Keep an eye out for some posts next week where we talk about other trending social media sites and how they are evolving to benefit your business.

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Why do businesses have a Facebook page?

The reason why a business has a Facebook page is to create a buzz and useful content that generates shares, likes and comments, which are free. When a brand, product or service becomes popular and everyone is talking about it, it attracts more customers and consumers want to learn more.
As Facebook has evolved over the years it has been a fantastic place for businesses to promote their brand. Even introducing new features for companies to reach more potential customers and advertise.
This year Facebook has introduced a bunch of new features focusing on improving Facebook advertising, which include:
- A new look for Ads with placement in the right-hand column that are more visually coherent with ads that appear in the news feed.
- Premium 15 second video ads that will be introduced to over the next few months. Potentially a great new avenue of advertising for your business.
- Expands look-a-like audience ability which lets advertisers create look-a-like target markets based on people who visit their websites, use their mobile apps or are connected to their Facebook page.
- Manage groups feature for ads – Admins now have a page where they can manage their groups. This makes it much easier to manage who your targeting and how.
- Improves targeting options with features built into their ad-buying interface. It allows advertisers to reach precise audiences based on location, demographic, interests and behaviours.
- New campaign structure – on March 4 Facebook introduced the new structure that makes it easier for advertisers of any size to manage, optimize and track their advertisements.
Although these new features will be great tools in creating your Facebook adverts, most of the new features being incorporated into Facebook are based on improving paid advertisement, which is where Facebook gets most of their revenue, and not general useability aka free options to promote your brand. So now the question businesses need to ask themselves is do Facebook advertisements really work?
From personal experience and research Facebook is horrible for customer acquisition but good for branding. Out of 395 business executives surveyed Facebook came in dead last out of 12 other marketing options to reach consumers. And it was suggested if you are going to spend time and money on Facebook, focus your efforts on keeping your existing customers engaged with your brand via your Facebook page. Use the social media platform to develop trust and loyalty with existing customers not to acquire new customers, which is the reason a business will have a Facebook page.
This all sounds fair enough right?
However, recently Facebook has decided to crack down on businesses that are asking for shares, likes and comments by penalising them. So it looks like the social media site wants all businesses to interact with their current and future customers through paid advertisement which defeats the purpose of a business having a Facebook page.
So If the future of Facebook pages for businesses is heading towards making us pay, what's the point of having a page and advertising through Facebook when it has been showed time and time again that Facebook advertisements don't help a business reach the goal to create buzz and spread the word about their brand and product.
Stay tuned for our next post when we look at some alternative social media sites that are more business friendly.

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Email Marketing VS Social Media

Until recently there has been conflict between social media and email marketing. Each platform competing against one another for the attention of consumers. Some say email is dead although reports state that email is actually more successful when it comes to selling products online compared to Facebook and Twitter. Study shows that 77% of people prefer to get marketing related messages by email.

While statistics state that email is far from dead, the social media 'team' definitely should not be ignored. Why? Well look at the amount of users and the significant growth on the platforms. So the great news is that email marketing and social media don't have to box it out, they can work in harmony to help you spread the word about your business.


Here are a few simple steps to incorporate social media into your email marketing:
1. Add social media sharing buttons to your emails. Give your readers the opportunity to share what they read and spread the word.
2. Add social media connect icons to your emails. Give your readers the opportunity to view your social media pages and learn more about you.
3. Send an email dedicated to socially connect or share on social media. Sometimes including buttons or links might not be enough. This is a good way to get the point straight across.
4. Add social media engagement buttons to your email unsubscribe page. Even though a user does not want to get your emails it doesn't mean they don't want to hear from you completely. Give them the opportunity to connect with you on a social level, they might like it more that way.
5. Use social media to build your email list. Wherever you can add prompts for your audience to join your email list.
6. Share web based versions of your emails. Share links for consumers to view your emails throughout your social media platforms.
7. Use competitions to motivate consumers to subscribe to your email list. This is a fantastic way to integrate with consumers and get information that will be useful to you.
8. Promote email marketing on your blog and website. Make sure your blog and website have a clear integration option where consumers can easily subscribe.

While many small businesses are utilizing both social media and email marketing, most are missing out on the many benefits of integrating the two. Where they once fought it out, they now can work in perfect harmony with each other, to provide you with great reach to your target markets. Incorporate some of the tips above in your next campaign, or if you need help in integrating social media with email marketing then talk to us today.

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Samsung using subliminal messages with 'bigest selfie in history'

Who saw the biggest 'selfie in history' on Sunday night? Spontaneously taken in the middle of the Oscar broadcast or so we thought. The stunt actually happened to be a cunning marketing tactic of product placement by technology giant Samsung.

The photo which was a huge talking point of the night was taken by actor Bradley Cooper and included a huge group of celebrities has now become the most retweeted photograph ever being subsequently shared or retweeted more than 2 million times in just two hours and also momentarily crashing twitter. It smashed the past record held by president Obama when he got re-elected 4 years ago.

Samsung who was a sponsor of the Oscar spent around $20 million on ads during the broadcast but what got the brand the most promotional mileage was the selfie itself. An image going viral is something you just can't buy.

While the tweet didn't even mention Samsung, it was clear on the TV that it was taken by a Samsung phone. Around the time of the broadcast the company was getting around 900 mentions a minute on social media.

It's safe to say the stunt produced by Samsung in the Oscars was an enormous success.

Think how you can incorporate your product with subliminal messages into your business without pushing to sell. Obviously scale it down and be realist. While a small business might not have the capabilities or resources to be televised on the Oscars look locally and think outside your box.

Look into joint ventures with other companies and how you can promote each other. Maybe think about sending free products to someone that has a big audience on social media. Or think local fares, markets, sports teams, concerts and how you can incorporate your brand. This could be a fantastic new avenue for your business and can create a good amount of exposure for you.

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Are you looking for new ways to increase your brand awareness? Try Content Marketing

We are so bombarded by advertisements that we as consumers are beginning to block them out, which makes it harder for businesses to get their ideas and products to you unless it is something that stops you in your tracks.

Marketers and advertisers are having to look at new techniques to their client’s message across and one such technique that is making headway is content marketing.

Content marketing is an approach that involves creating or sharing content to gain consumers. It can be shared through social media sites, emails, blogs, your website, really however you want to share it with your consumers. The content can be in the form of videos, photos, news, e-books, case studies, questions and answers etc. Content marketing is focused on communicating to the consumer not selling. Instead of pushing to sell your products or service you are providing information that your consumers are interested in. And by delivering this valuable information to consumers in theory will reward you with their business and loyalty.

A great example of a company that has become extremely successful and popular using content marketing is GoPro, a brand of personal cameras used in extreme action video photography and videoing.

GoPro is putting the power of marketing their product into the hands of their consumers. A little while ago we spoke about images and video becoming the popular medium to share today and Google now also allows you to search by using images and this ability fits right in with the GoPro product. Their consumers are using their cameras and then sharing their images with their friends and families through numerous social media sites. The Go Pro social media team then searches sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Google for GoPro content that they can re-share on their social media accounts.

In doing this, most consumers are thrilled to be featured in front of the entire GoPro community, which in turn encourages them to continue sharing more content online. This creates the most genuine kind of engagement and is how GoPro keeps generating more and more exposure and publicity for their brand. Some other examples of companies that are increasing their brand awareness through successful content marketing are Colgate, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Linkedin, IBM and Anthropologie.

Content marketing is becoming extremely popular and successful throughout businesses today. It’s a great way to market your business and build a community with your consumers. If you need help with creating brand awareness and social networking talk to us today. We have powerful branding and social networking packages that can get you the engagement you need. Call us on (07) 5592 2685, email: or visit our website

Its time your business stood out from the crowd.

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