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So you are in the market for a web designer to develop a website for your business or redesign your current site. Let's face it, you wont be short of options as there are a lot of companies and indivudals to choose from. With online marketing growing more and more each year, your website is going to be one of the most important tools you have to promote your business and increase sales.

As a business asset, your website is going to need to achieve your business goals, so not only do you need to be aware of the process but also ask questions to your designer about responsiveness, their previous work, the cost involved -including revisions-, the scope of the website development and so on. It is also important that you ask your developer about other issues like hosting, administrator access and control of your website, especially if you choose to go on a plan.
We have lost count how many times we have had issues with new clients who have had bad experiences with previous designers because of their lack of knowledge around the following areas:

1. Hosting is NOT FREE. You have a website developed but you have to sit it somewhere so people can see you on the internet!

Ask your developer if you are not sure about what the best hosting options are. Most CMS websites will sit on a cpanel or in the cloud these days. I personally prefer a cpanel because it gives complete control. If they set up the hosting for you, then make sure you have all the login details! If you are on a plan where hosting is included but you are coming to the end of the plan and want to take over the site yourself, make sure you ask how the website can be moved to a new hosting account and what options are available for you. It is good to know these things before you make any decisions on the best options for you and your business when it comes to web development.

2. Your domain name information is important.

Make sure you have all the login details and certificates for your website domain. In fact, it is not hard to set this up yourself online when purchasing it.

Your website will be connected to your domain name. You cannot have one without the other to sit online. If you do choose a website plan and the company is setting up the domain name for your website, make sure they are setting it up in your name with your business ABN and not theirs. Otherwise, they are the ones who will own your domain name and you do not want this, as this domain is what all your online marketing will revolve around when directing people to your business!

3. Administrator access of your website.

Know your login details, even if you are sitting on a plan. Any website will have an administrator area where changes can be made. Make sure you keep a copy of these login details. It is also important that you back up your website regularly in case you ever get hacked.

In addition to this, you need to know exactly what you want your website to do. Your website will be more or less expensive based on what your goals and what your business is offering. If you are selling services through a simple website, it might cost you less than if you are selling products, which requires a shopping cart. Don't be shy, be specific and voice everything you need so you are fully aware of what the costs will be to develop the website and ensure an open relationship between you and your developer!


Keep in mind that building a website is only the beginning; your website will be completely useless without a proper search engine optimization strategy (SEO). SEO will get your website good rankings on search engines and bring you natural traffic - which is what you aim for. No matter how good a website looks, it will never get traffic if sitting in page 3 of Google.

Our team of web designers is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We have a couple of options for our clients including plans, at Rent-a-Website. Talk to us today about your website development needs on (07) 5592 2685 or by email at

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3 Web Design mistakes that could be costing your business money!

When it comes to websites, speed is vital! Users start abandoning a page after 3 seconds, which means that page load time is a major factor for online businesses. Around 1 second delay in page load time can result in a 11% fewer page views, 7% decrease in conversions and a 16% loss in customer satisfaction. You have spent hundreds even thousands of dollars making your website the best marketing tool it can be. Let's take a look at 3 common mistakes your business might be making that could be undermining your efforts:

1. Your website pages appear blank then loads all at once. If your website does this or it loads only the navigation then your content, your users most likely aren't noticing your brilliant content. The reason behind this could be your images are too large (e.g. those big hero images), poorly done style sheets (e.g. your banner slides) or third party scripts (e.g. social sharing). A great site to jump onto to check what's slowing your site down is Google Page Speed It's designed to help you optimize the performance of your website.

If you find your website has major speed problems contact us. We create fully optimized and responsive websites, it's not as expensive as you think from just $49.95 per month get online!

2. Another common mistake we see too often is call to actions being the last thing to load on a website. Calls to action at the bottom of large images are a common practice in web design, but if your images are slow to load from top to bottom, your call to actions call be easily missed by impatient users. Either move your calls to action to the top of your page so users can see them straight away or make sure they are optimized to load quicker.

Give users a clear path to follow when they arrive on your website, make it look clickable (resembling an actual button) so users know exactly what to do.

3. Does your website have a pop up that blocks the rest of the page? Pop ups are a great tool for marketers, but smart implementation and optimization are a must. If pop ups load too early, they can prevent the page from rendering correctly and disturb the user experience. Delay pop ups for at least 10 seconds, optimizing the script and test it out. Pop ups can be a minor annoyance or helpful for users, so make sure your pop ups are worth it, due to the disturbance they can cause. Another KEY factor of pop ups I want you to note, is make sure they are easy to close, users tend to get very frustrated and will leave your site very quickly if they can't find where to close the pop up.

I hope these tips were useful for your business! If you simply don't have time to manage your site or need a website designed leave it to us! For less than a coffee a day you can get online! Jump onto and have a look at our wide range of affordable plans. Alternatively call (07) 55 922 685 or email

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2015 Website Trends

Your website represents the face of your business! The way it looks, feels and works is a reflection of you. So today I want to highlight some current web design trends on the rise this year to keep you up to date!

1. Big images on your homepage have been around for a while now and they are not going anywhere anytime soon!! Expect more massive eye-catching backgrounds used with rich typography and subtle parallax effects. With the increase of speed and availability on the internet, this trend will only become more popular this year. So make sure you've got striking images to attract your consumers! It's vital to immediately capture the consumer's attention and keep them on your site.

2. This year we will see an emphasis on well designed and attractive typography. With type kits becoming more affordable and some free there is more freedom for web designers to create attention grabbing text! It's a great way to get consumers attention and send a strong message.

3. Currently, Flat design is most businesses first choice as I highlighted in last year's 2014 Website Trends post although guess what? This is changing! Consumers like the simplicity and usability of the design though it has some downsides. With a lack of creativity and visual options, consumers are also getting used to the look. So the rise of Semi-Flat or Material design has been introduced. These are a combination of the clean, crisp layout of Flat design with more realistic features such as depth, light, shadow and colour gradation. Major brands such as Google and FitBit are currently using this design.

Material design

4.We have all heard of cookies to help display more relevant content to repeat visitors although now better practices have been put in place to increase the use of the technique and cut out the spammy reputation it has. Netflix and YouTube use it to remember what consumers have recently watched. It can be great to highlight new content returning users have not read yet or even display a recently read section on your site. 2015 will definitely see more of the technique used focusing on returning customers behaviours to increase sales.

5. This year hand drawn images are growing in popularity, this isn't a new trend but it's on the rise in 2015. Currently the bar for great websites is higher than ever and with competition becoming more intense hand drawn illustrations are a way to be unique. They convey a specific personality for the brand and display the brand in a different light. Check out this great example of local brand Cedar and Stone using hand drawn images of their products on their website.

cedar and stone

5. More brands are trying to create an emotional experience for consumers on their websites by adding mood videos. When these videos play on the homepage, it lets consumers see and hear what the brand is about and what they sell. We have seen more of these videos pop up lately so expect to see more mood videos to create a visual experience for consumers in 2015. Please note don't make these videos mandatory, forcing consumers to watch videos can sometimes run them off your site!

6. Lastly I want to highlight the increase in demand for customization. With more and more site-building services available, there is an increase of sites that are very similar. Businesses should aim to stand out online and the best way to do this is with a customized website. There are many benefits to customization like SEO, individuality, brilliant design (to name a few) giving your business a competitive edge against the BIG world wide web.

If you would like a customized kick ass website for 2015 talk to us today!! We have a range of affordable packages starting from $49.95 per month! Call 07 55922685 or email or jump onto to look at our packages.

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Looking for a cool new feature to spunk up your website this year?

Then look no further..

Let me introduce the 'ghost button'. These are those neat looking transparent empty buttons that have a basic shape like a rectangle or square. They generally have a border with a very thin line and inside have plain text in a light sans serif font.
The 'ghost button' performs a great trick of merging itself seamlessly within a site and if positioned correctly and set on a proper background it can successfully attract the user's attention.

These buttons best suit websites that are using a modern minimal, flat user interface or a large photo for the background.
Talk to us today if you would like to give your website a fresh face! We have a wide range of website plans to suit any budget! , call 07 55922685 or email or jump onto

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What type of website do you have, static and inefficient or dynamic and interactive?

Websites play a HUGE role in educating, entertaining and engaging your consumers. Sites are evolving to accommodate how users want to consume information and one of the most interesting trends is dynamic websites which display updated, relevant and new content.

For businesses, dynamic websites can be a huge challenge but also a great opportunity. You need to constantly update your site rather than giving it some attention every now and again. It's no longer good enough to have a strong message or good design, consumers expect engaging fresh information.

So what can you do to keep your Website current?
One of the easiest answers is keeping your home page up to date! Put new info, images or videos on regularly. This tells your users that your active and gives them the need to come back to your site to see what's new!
Next, look at modern technology you can use for your site! Some things you could look are would be including social media links, blogs, great graphical banners, contact forms, live chat (read our recent blog on making your site more interactive plus much more. At the end of the day, you need to be more connected and engaging than ever before. Anything you do on your site needs to reflect current needs, wants and interests. Trends move so fast that businesses face the challenge of staying current.

In this day and age, change is a must. If you need help keeping your site current or simply don't have the time leave it to us! We offer a selection of affordable website rental plans for less than a coffee a day! Let us update your site and keep it interactive. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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Make your website more interactive!

Connect with your customers faster and on a personalized level with live chat support. It's a relatively new and popular way to instantly communicate with your website visitors. Live chat support can be used for potential customers to help with their buying decision or for current customers who need support with a product or service.

Many large companies have started to offer live chat support on their sites but live chat is not only for the big guys, small to medium sized businesses have also started to see the benefits it can have on their websites too!

Let's take a look at some of the benefits it has:
• You have the ability to chat to multiple users at the same time while also cutting down on support costs.
• Live chat offers instant access online to possible customers or clients which helps with website productivity and in turn can help boost sales.
• There are great tools to monitor website users activities to help you target your visitors more effectively. One tool is seeing what products they are interested in for market research purposes.
• The feature is a brilliant way to communicate with your users on a more personalized level.
• While chatting to your visitors you have the ability to directly navigate them to areas on your site. A great way to directly target them and increase your sales!
• Live chat can help you achieve customer satisfaction by providing a positive and quick service for your users.
• The beauty of live chat is that it's a free feature for all visitors which is sure to please!!

Problems live chat faces and ways you can get around them:
• Live chat won't be suitable for all users. Always offer additional support like phone or email for those who are not computer savvy.
• Not all mobile devices are able to support live chat features. Again additional support is necessary and make sure you test how live chat works on multiple devices for your website.
• Chance of prank chats can occur although if this happens a lot you can block the user or make email a mandatory field in your pre chat form.
• You must have the staff available to reply promptly, if your chat support fails users can leave the site annoyed.

Live chat support isn't suitable for every industry; some companies that can benefit from offering the feature include hospitality, tech support, online retailers, software companies, tourism and telecommunications. Industries that shouldn't include live chat on their sites are businesses that simply don't have time, who are not next to the computer in business hours or companies that only deal with users from different time zones.

If you think your company could benefit from live chat support incorporate it! 55% of consumers today expect to find live chat on a website. Satisfaction rates suggest that customers spread the word and return to websites when they are happy with the experience.

If you want to add this feature to your site to communicate with your customers talk to us today. Phone (07) 5592 2685 or email

Next week we will highlight our best live chat tips and tricks to increase your sales and customer service skills! Keep your eyes peeled.

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Get your online store off the ground today!

A Ecommerce site is a major part of your business, just like your mobile phone. Now, you can pay for it in the same manner and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a website up front.
We offer a fantastic and affordable Ecommerce plan for less than a boost juice a day! Pay only $199.00 per month plus a set-up fee and get a professionally designed website that includes everything you need to run an online store.
Our plan includes:
• 7 content pages
• 5 hours of allocated for CMS maintenance and website updates per month
• 8 email accounts
• 2 installed components
• Unique template design with: branding, contact form, branding Incorporated colours and Images + more
• Rotating header gallery
• Banner advertisements
• Basic organic SEO with: Google analytics code, Google verification code, friendly URL's and keywords within the website
• Registration of domain if required
• Hosting account with cPanel
• Shopping Cart with 50 Products included
• Pay-Pal Integration
Every great business idea takes flight with the launch of a professionally designed website. Talk to us about your individual website needs today. Phone: (07) 5592 2685, Email: or visit our website

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Four Web Design Trends you need to say goodbye to!

In the fast-paced world of web design, trends come and go regularly. Although too often businesses are holding onto old design elements when they should be moving forward! Let's take a look at 4 design trends you need to say farewell to:

1. Do you have a mobile version of your website? If you said yes, the get rid of it! Today and into the future more and more businesses will be focusing on responsive website design. Mobile users are looking for a fully integrated experience. With over half of the internet usage coming through mobile devices, many companies are focusing on mobile design first and desktop design second. Responsive website design is a design approach which crafts sites to provide the best viewing experience across all devices. Google also loves responsive design because it reduces the need for duplicated content and multiple sub domains and this in turn helps improve your website SEO.

2. The shift to the use of more visual media in web design is growing daily. With this increase, we have seen a decrease in text heavy websites. Instead of writing a story about yourself, company, products and service it is time to put more visual content into your story telling.

We are not just seeing this trend on websites but of course throughout social media as a whole. Through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as well as other platforms, images and videos are being used much more than they have been in the past.
For websites that have a lot of information to share, think how you can display it through images and videos to get your messages across. Combining your content with visuals can hold the attention of even the most impatient user.
Stay tuned for more outdated web design trends! Alternatively, head to to read our full blog post.

3. Pay per click advertising is changing; new technology is helping us to target consumers more specifically through internet ads. Pay per click advertising has evolved to incorporate new targeting resources that can help businesses find their target market more easily. For example, it's now possible to target consumers that watch certain movies in certain areas or who like a type of clothing brand.

Businesses have a lot more information on consumers than they did in the past which enables them to tailor make their message for their particular consumer, specifically because of the information consumers are supplying on the internet. So take advantage and leave pay per click advertising behind!

4. Lastly I want to tell you to embrace flat design! It's a 'style of interface design that removes any stylistic choices that give the illusion of three-dimensions and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colours'- Wiki.
Web Design is changing and mobile devices are adopting retina displays. So unless you increase the resolution of your design, the quality of your website on these devices are going to be poor. Industry leaders like, Apple and Windows 8 are both using flat design and so are most companies. It's time to embrace a more clean and simple website.

Web design is constantly changing, so say goodbye to these old trends and make room for new design elements. Jump onto our website and check out our website plans! They start from just $49.95 per month + set up fees and include the latest design trends. Talk to us today Call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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Understanding Google Algorithm's

Ever heard about Google Algorithm's?
As a business you should have a reasonable understanding of how it works.
"Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give the user back exactly what they have searched for ." – Google.

Google algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals to find out what the user is looking for. It's important that you take into consideration what signals Google algorithms use to make your website as efficient as ever. The more 'signals' Google picks up on your website, the more your website will be seen! So pay close attention to this post, if you want to improve your SEO!
There are a number of components to the search process and the results page that Google uses.

A search starts with the web, which is made up of over 60 trillion individual pages that are constantly growing. Google navigates by crawling the web with its spiders. A user writes in what they are searching for and Google spiders finds relevant pages in relation to that question. These spiders search through billion of pages and links by asking over 200 questions (algorithms) to come back with the best results. They sort pages by their content and other factors. Keep your eyes out for our next post where we look at some of the questions they ask.

  • • How many times does the page include the keywords
    • Are they in the title, URL or directly adjacent
    • Does the page include synonyms
    • What region is the site
    • How fresh is the content
    • What's the quality of the website?
    • Does it have spam on it
    • What's the pages rank
    • How many outside links are directed to it

When these answers are collected, the spiders rank the web pages on Google based on how well the pages answered the questions.

Please take note, Google is constantly updating their technologies systems to deliver better results. So many of these questions/algorithms are being restructured and added. It's important as a business that you regularly keep up to date on what's new to keep your website on top.

For example, a recent update on August 6th was that Google announced that they would be giving preference to secure sites, and that adding encryption would provide a "lightweight" rankings boost. Knowing this kind of information can prove very useful for your website. So every now and again key in 'Google Algorithm Changes' and keep up to date!

We hope this post helped you understand the way Google search engines worked! If you need help with your SEO talk to us today. Call 07 5592 2685 or email alternatively visit our website

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How to Redirect Domain Names to your Website Using your Cpanel

We recently discussed the many benefits of redirecting domain names to your website. Parked domains are often used for businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes. It's a great tool you can use to improve your SEO and give your business a competitive advantage!
So here's four simples steps how you can direct additional domain names to your website using your trusty cPanel:

NOTE: It's best to buy domains under the same account, so it's simple to direct. A domain will not be functional unless it is configured to go to the same name servers as your websites primary domain.
1. Log into cPanel
2. Under Domains click the [Parked Domains] button
3. Under Create a New Parked Domain enter the domain name you wish to link with your website
4. Click [Add Domain]
It's really that simple!

Do you need help? Let us improve your sites interaction with search engines. Speak to us today! Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Get to know your cPanel

In our most recent post we discussed how to create a domain orientated email address. Today, we are going to cover analytics.
Using web analytics, you can track where your traffic is coming from, what blog topics and pages posts attract the most views, what time and day of the week is busiest on your site and the keywords your users are typing into search engines to find you (the list goes on)! Having this kind of information is so valuable, giving your business the opportunity to maximise its online marketing, generate more leads and improve the user experience.

So where can you easily view these statistics?

Your trusty cPanel! It offers several built in statistic reports, AWstats being one of the more popular programs which we are going to talk about today! Updating every day, the statistic report give details about the amount of people coming to your website and other information such as:

• Monthly history
• Days of month
• Days of week
• Hours
• Countries (top 25)
• Hosts (top 25)
• Authenticated users (top 10)
• Robots/ Spiders visitors (top 25)
• Visits duration
• Files types
• Downloads (top 10)
• Pages-URL (top 25)
• Operating systems (top 10)
• Browsers (top 10)
• Connect to site from
• Search key phrases (top 10)
• Search keywords (top 25)
• Miscellaneous
• HTTP error codes

To access AWStats for your website:
1. Log into your cPanel.
2. In the [logs] section click the [AWStats] icon.
3. Click the [view] icon next to the domain name for which you wish to view stats.
Here you will find the full list of statistics which provides a much greater understanding of the users on a website. This understanding of users is crucial to businesses! In next weeks post we list some key features you need to look out for to help you understand statistics and how you can use it to your advantage. 

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7 out-dated website features you need to reconsider having on your site!

Does your site have completely out-dated and pointless features that is costing you customers?

Let's take a look at 7 unnecessary website features that you need to reconsider having on your site!

1. Instead of using stock photos for your website, look at getting some professionally done or take some yourself! In today's environment personality and being real is so important when it comes to a business. Customers want to interact with brands, look at appealing visuals and learn about the people behind the scenes. You don't want a customer to see the same stock photo on your site and your competitor's site.

2. Flash intros can be very annoying for your visitors, take way too long to load, don't work on iPhones and are not recognized by Google! Need I say any more? They are not a good idea, remove them from your site!

3. No one likes videos or music that plays automatically and sites that push their visitors to watch or listen them, can run the risk of stopping their users from interacting with the rest of their site or even worse make users leave due to frustration. It's fine to have those features, in fact video is great for SEO, just place them in a area where users can play them at their own leisure.

4. Over 40% of website traffic comes from mobiles and tablets. Make sure your website is responsive!! Don't jeopardise losing customers because your site isn't mobile.

5. So many sites are full of irrelevant elements that bring no real value to the audience. Be careful of having too many crowded designs and too much text on one page. For example. Does your site really need a search bar or a side bar? Think what features you need before you add all the bells and whistles. A site should be simple, user friendly and efficient.

6. Outdated information is a killer to your business! If your last blog post was 3 years ago or your copyright says 2005, you will look like you are no longer trading. Update your information and make sure all your information is current.

7. Lastly I would like to highlight that there is no excuse to not have a domain orientated email address! If your using you will look like an amateur. They are simple to set up in your cpanel and you can even look at having them directed to your regular account if you would still like to check them through there. No matter how small your business, it doesn't mean you can't look professional. Having a professional email address is a must!

In our next post we talk more about setting up and email address and getting to know your cpanel. Stay tuned!

If you need help with website design talk to us! We offer a broad range of website plans for all sized business. Call (07) 5592 2685 or Email:

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Is your contact form working for you?

Today we talk about how you can make the perfect contact form to maximise your customer data base!
Last week we touched on three lead capturing techniques to use within your website. This week let's talk in detail about contact forms. Here's 5 top tips:

1. Positioning! This is defiantly common sense, yet so many businesses still get it wrong. Have your form on the top half of your landing page so users see it immediately! If users have to scroll you run the risk of them leaving before they scroll or even worst not seeing it at all.

2. Don't bore your visitors! Length is an important factor when it comes to your form. People are lazy, we like things to be quick and easy. Statistics state visitors are more likely to complete a shorter form as opposed to a longer one. It's up to you to find the perfect balance; you need to get the right amount of information so it's useful to you yet still keep it short.

3. So we talked about the length of a contact form but what are you going to put in? The more you know about your customer the better you can target them when you chase up the lead. Make sure you take length into consideration and ask the right questions. Name, address, email or phone number, are basic requirements. Look at your goal and think of key questions you need to know about your consumers that will help you when it comes to turning them into customers.

4. Do your customers trust you? Consumers are wary of sharing information, especially online. Make sure you earn the visitors trust by having a link to your company's privacy policy near the email address field. Or alternatively have a few lines of assurance near the email or phone number.
Something like: Your contact details will be kept confidential and used for our communications only. This tells them you won't pass on their information to third parties.

5. Do you know the difference between Submit, Go or Click? This is the final stop for the visitors filling up the form and the right words here will increase your leads. Studies show that buttons that have [Submit] usually discourage visitors. [Go] or [Click] here are the top choices, as they make the visitor feel more at ease.

Having a lead capturing system can be a wise move for your online marketing strategy. It's a huge benefit to your business building up your customer base allowing you to connect with more consumers and in turn can increase your sales. Are you interested in putting a lead capturing form on your website? Talk to us today! Phone: (07) 5592 2685 or Email: alternately hop on our website

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Tools to generate leads from your website

Driving traffic to your website is vital, but converting those visitors into leads is how you will be successful. Check out 3 proven ways, which will help you generate leads with your site:

Most businesses use blogs for search engine optimization although often overlook the fact they can generate leads from the blog posts they write. It's an excellent way to convert your readers into customers.

Here's how:

  • • Place call to action buttons or web banners around your blog to drive your readers to the right area on your website. Place these in your headers, sidebar, end of your blog post or footer (read more about call to action buttons in our next few posts).
  • • Use landing pages with your blog to help convert the traffic you have generated into high quality leads. When readers jump on your blog use a landing page to get their details and give them something in return (read more about landing pages our next post).
  • • Use subscription tools to build your database. Make your readers subscribe to your blog, your email newsletter and interact with you on social media.
  • • Using blog analytics to target your readers more precisely. Use the analytics to make it easier for you to market and write posts. The more targeted and better your posts are the easier it is to sell to them. Take advantage of these tools and turn your readers into customers.
  • Make sure you also incorporate search friendly content within your blog posts.  Be organised and prepared - do your research and check what key words relate to your products and services and make sure your blog post is written around these words.

Taking your blog to another level to generate leads is ideal, not only are you optimising your SEO but you are also generating quality leads getting your customers details, in turn converting these leads into sales!  

Hubspot psoted some stats that I think you should know.  The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages and their 2011 ROI study showed that 69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging.  These stats are only going to increase.  So if your business is not blogging then maybe you should be.

Landing pages
Landing pages are an essential piece of any well crafted marketing strategy. They are the action pages of your website and have one job, to convert the visitor, who lands on your site into a sale. Here are some common ways to use your landing page to generate leads:
• Offering a e-book, white paper or industry report
• Inviting visitors to subscribe to members only content, emails or blog posts
• Offering a free trial of a product
• Offering vouchers or discounts on your product
• Running a podcast, webinar or other event
• Letting them use an online service or assessment tool free of cost

Make sure these pages are well designed, attractive and fast. The idea of a landing page is to offer your visitors content of value in exchange of their details or sale. Traffic and conversion are so important when it comes to websites and if done correctly landing pages can be fantastic for your business.

Call to action button tools
A call to action is a persuasive offer that requires an action from the visitors in exchange for something they want. When you create a call to action it must be short, simple and convincing to motivate your visitors to take the action you want.
For example some 'CTA' might be: Call right now to receive 40% off or sign up and save today!
Do note: not all visitors will be ready to purchase straight away but they're on your site because they are interested in your products or services. Give them the option to come back to your site when they are ready, by giving them offers to do so E.g. 'get 30% off your first purchase'. This way you are still getting your visitors details, increasing your database and sequentially the sale down the track.
The call to action is to communicate the benefits and offer your visitors something they can't turn down. The CTA has a similar theory to your landing pages but these are placed within your website. Make sure they are in important easy to see areas, that will capture the consumers eye.

Use these techniques within your website to convert your leads into sales. As the online world becomes more and more savvy, your website needs to be as efficient as ever to enable you to use this fantastic marketing tool to build your business. Need help with SEO, social media, landing pages, call to action buttons, banners or contact forms? Talk to our team of professionals to fine tune your website. Call: (07) 5592 2685 or Email:

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How to design for a Business-to-Business website

Are you someone who needs a Business-to-Business (B2B) website? There are a lot of different rules to take into consideration when designing a B2B site compared to B2C (business to consumer) site. For example:
• There are fewer customers
• Orders are larger and mostly in bulk
• Many customers are repeat buyers
• Visitors are often pressed for time
• Buyers require a lot of information
• B2B visitors are usually much more savvy than your average B2C visitor
• Business buyers buy with their head not their hearts.
Here are a few tips to take into consideration when getting a website made for B2B -
Good website design for B2B means the layout must be clear, easy to navigate and graphics convey value, (they are not purely there for decoration). Your website must be functional and let the user take the appropriate action whether it's making an order, signing up for a newsletter or requesting a brochure.
Business visitors are on an important mission when they are at work. They are there to make a buying decision and don't want to be distracted by pop ups, videos that play automatically or animated banners. Statistics show 90% of B2B visitors would leave over such distractions. The main point is to make sure you have a simple but functional site for your buyers to do what they need to do.
Other than offering functionality, your website has to represent your business online. It must professionally reflect your brand and its values. You must be able to attract and draw new customers as well as keeping your existing customers happy. Incorporating strong branding throughout your site it is important because B2B sites need to focus on building relationships rather than promoting and pushing your products or services.
For B2B buyers, pricing information is the first thing they search for on a website followed by technical specifications and shipping information. B2B customers also appreciate case studies, documents and any other types of information that you can provide to help with their research. You want to make sure as much information is on your site as possible because if a buyer can't find everything they need to make an informed decision they will look elsewhere, running the risk of competitors getting your sale!
Having a quality B2B website like having a team of strong staff working 24/7 to draw buyers in and sell to them. Follow these three tips and your website should be bullet proof!!

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Make your website disability-friendly

In our last post we talked about making your website colour friendly to users that have difficulties with colour. But have you ever thought about making your website disability-friendly?
Approximately one billion people in the world have a disability, that's a huge chunk of the market! Every day websites prevent millions of users that are disable from hopping online and having a trouble-free experience. I want to highlight some simple steps you can incorporate into your website to make it disability-friendly.
1. Use ALT tags – For users that are visual impaired and use a screen reader (a software program that reads text on a website out loud), the ALT tags describes out loud what the image is to the user. Make sure you describe your images accurately and briefly.
2. Describe your links – Instead of just writing click here, write out a mini description of what the user will be clicking on. Also underline your links and make sure there is colour contrast between your normal text and the hyperlink. This will help people who are colour-blind.
3. Be aware of the colours you're using and how you're getting your messages across. See our last blog post for more information on using colours in web design ( .
4. If you have a lot of video material on your website, make sure it has subtitles. YouTube provides tools that allow you to do that. This will help people who are deaf.
5. For users that have problems with mobility clicking a small area can be extremely difficult. Make wider areas for users to click.
6. Finally keep it simple – For users with learning disabilities or who are older make sure the information on your website is straightforward and easy to read/navigate. Break text into paragraphs and make sure it's big enough to read. Logically, this might not work for all websites but it's something to take into consideration.
Know your target market and make sure your site is accessible as possible. Designing websites for all disabilities can be difficult but not impossible. So what are you waiting for? Make your site disability-friendly! Talk to us today, we are more than happy to help Call us on (07) 5592 2685 or email!!

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Colour psychology in website design

Are you thinking about getting online? Did you know how important colour design can be when it comes to your website?

Scientists have been studying the way humans react to colours for years. By using colour psychology, you can send a positive or negative message, calm a crowd or even encourage sales. Certain colours make people feel a certain way and can actually affect people's purchasing decisions. Out of the five human senses, the visual sense is the strongest developed for most people, so when it comes to purchasing a product, colour is a huge influencing factor.

When you are looking at website design, make sure you plan out the types of colours you want to incorporate. Use colours to highlight the mood and atmosphere you want your brand to represent.

Colour psychology is a major key to your website. Before you take on any web designer make sure they have a good understanding. It's so easy to portray the wrong colours that in the end are going to send out the wrong message to your consumers and a mistake like that can cost a lot of money in re-branding.

Need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to colours? Talk to us today about colour psychology and website design. At Rent-a-Website we have experience and understanding to help you. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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E-commerce Tip #1 - Increase your leads into sales!!

E-commerce tip #1
Are you an online retailer? Change the way your consumers checkout and increase your leads into sales!
Consumers are on your site to buy, not create an account. There is simply no real benefit of creating one. It's just a time-consuming process on the road to checking out and can cost E-commerce sites up 30% of sales!!
Im not saying don't get your consumers to create an account but look at giving consumers the option to create an account after checkout. Make sure you tell consumers the benefits of creating an account to influence them to create one. For Example explain how having an account saves their order history and personal details for a faster checkout next time or the discounts you might offer for all account holders.
40% of consumers who purchase a product also create an account. So adjust your sites checkout process today and increase your sales. Simple!

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Check out some of our latest work!

Take a look at one of our latest projects we have been doing with Teen2Teen.
The young new brand came to us looking to launch a teen blog online with the idea in mind of providing a platform for their generation to get blogging about things that matter to them most. We helped them with a variety of marketing and web services including the design of their brand and logo, website with blogging component and community builder component + much more.
If you want to have a look at the website head to They love it… We love it and we sure you will love it too. Feel free to tell us what you think, as long as its complimentary of course, just kidding. All feedback is welcome. This site membership is KIDS only! No ADULTS aloud!!

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Did you know you can pay your website off in the same manner you can pay your mobile bill?

Did you know you can pay your website off in the same manner you can pay your mobile bill?

Check out our most popular plan for businesses that have a lot to say! For less than the cost of a burger a day you can be on our RAW Manager Plan that includes:

10 content pages, 3 hours of Maintenance and CMS Updates Monthly, 7 registered email accounts, unique template design, branding, basic organic SEO, domain registration, in-house support, hosting + much more!

For your affordable website talk to us today on 07 5592 2685 or email us at Alternatively have a look at our rental plans on our site at It’s vital in this day and age that you get your business online.


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