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It is estimated that about 2.72 million people will be using social media by 2019. That is almost three times more than in 2010!  In April alone there were more than 1,590 million people using Facebook and up to 1 million of those users are Australians. This represents as many opportunities for you to increase your client base.

There are a lot of social networks to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to use and which will be of benefit to your business. Should you go for LinkedIn? How about Pinterest? What's Google+? Is Tumblr a good idea for your business? The list can go on and on and in many cases you will have multiple accounts.

Companies usually tend to choose the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This would work for you too if you don't target a particular niche. However, keep in mind that the social network you are choosing should be consistent with your audience's habits. So if everyone is using Pinterest, but your target market is on Tumblr, then you should use Tumblr. In other words, you should go where your audience is!

Most people think that creating their account is enough. The bad news is that it's NOT! Social media requires a lot of time and maintenance and it does not necessarily come easily to all of us. The social network you will choose will need to be relevant and should be consistent with your business – a restaurant for instance, would get more traction with an Instagram account than a LinkedIn account.

Here are three simple tips to help you figure out which social network would work best for YOU:

TIP #1: Choose your social media according to the time and available resources you have.

Social media is interactive, live, simple to use and comes in handy when you need to share exciting news or information with your audience. However and as mentioned before, they require maintenance and forethought, which can represent a great deal of time out of your working day.

Spending too much time on social media will hurt your business as it might lead to a loss in productivity particularly if you don't have someone hired especially for that job. On another hand, spending too little time would result in a failure to keep up with your audience. Tricky!  The truth is if you decide to adopt social media, it will then represent a real aspect of your marketing strategy.
To make it work, you can't post too much, too little or irrelevant content: it is all about balance. A post a day at about the same time should be the minimum to keep your audience interested.

TIP #2: Know what your ultimate goal is.

Social media is an awesome way to communicate with your customers, and posting is actually a lot of fun! But before anything else, you should know what your goal is and what you expect from your social media. Having a goal is important and will help you determine whether or not your marketing strategy is viable and for how long. This will also allow you to know what to post, when to post and who you are targeting. All in one!

TIP #3: Don't give up!

Social media at times can fail and stagnate for a while, but the one beautiful thing about it, is that overnight you can create instant buzz! Why? Trends. So stick with the networks you have chosen and make them work for you! Businesses usually struggle with social media because they don't know how to adapt and don't know how they work. However, when used properly, they are a great tool to measure how your business is doing and also figure out who your clients are as much as what they are after!
Post after post, you will be able to figure out what users expect from you, what triggers their engagement, what they liked and disliked. There are many ways to get your audience's attention: hashtags (#), mentions and tags are some of them. However, you hardly have control over how popular a hashtag will be. In other words, there is nothing more fickle than social media, so hang in there!

We know it; all social media was not born equal. In fact in Australia the most popular one remains Facebook, followed by YouTube with about 14,000,000 users, then Word Press Blog with 5,650,000 users. Instagram is now entering the arena with no less than 5,000,000 monthly active users! However, no matter how popular a network is, you should always choose yours according to how consistent it is with your company's strategy and philosophy. Three empty and inactive accounts are far worse than no account at all...
Social media is an art, that's why you need to know how it works before taking the plunge! If you need help with your social media, then give us a call today on (07) 5592 2685 or email and talk to us about building your presence on social media.

So give us a call and get social today!

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Use Facebook Apps as a Marketing Tool

Facebook offers a number of features that stretch far beyond just social networking. From advertising to insight into analytics, many of these tools can be beneficial to your business if you're looking to build your online presence and increase sales.

But have you ever looked at using apps as a marketing tool on your Facebook Page? Here are some excellent Facebook apps your business can benefit from:

Use Facebook, not only on a social level but a shopping one too! There are many high quality ecommerce apps that can bring the use and customizability of an online storefront straight onto your Facebook page. Adding a storefront to your page is a fantastic tool to sell directly to your Facebook followers. It can be very beneficial to your business and in turn can increase your sales. Your followers even have the option to 'like' your products, make comments on them and recommend them to friends. Depending upon your ecommerce provider look at using virtual storefronts such as:

• which is one of the largest apps, very quick and also has a free option.
• which can integrate with Magento, eBay, Etsy, Amazon and WordPress.
• which is used by major brands like Coca Cola and Fiji Water.
• which can integrate with over 12 different ecommerce providers.
• which is very user friendly and easy. You can only use Shopify if you run your online shop with them.
• which supports Magento, Amazon, Shopify and Prestashop and also has a free option.

These are just some of the many virtual storefronts available for Facebook but before you decide which shopping cart to use, choose one that gives you the option of importing your existing store's products in automatically to save you time. Also choose an app that gives you detailed Facebook ecommerce analytics so you know how well your store is performing with users and what you can improve on.

2.Another great app to build your online presence is adding your other social media accounts onto your Facebook page. Every day we're all trying to increase our social media followers right? Well now you have the option to add Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and much more using apps. It's great for functionality and to make your followers aware of your other accounts. It's the perfect way to offer more information and history about your business all in the one place. I really recommend adding some of these apps to your page, there very easy to integrate and have the possibility to take your page to new levels.

3.Or even look at incorporating a contact form, it's fantastic to collect users details and connect with them faster. Give your users the ease of being able to contact you while there browsing your page and build up your email list. It's a win-win situation. There are a few different contact form apps, some paid and some free. Depending on if you're willing to pay, the better the app will be. If your just looking for a basic contact form check out this one: , if you looking to customize your form with your branding and use data management this is another good one that comes at a cost: Being able to directly connect to your followers builds their trust and lets you form a relationship. This is an excellent and useful tool for converting your followers into possible sales leads.

Lastly I want to highlight a great app to promote any sales, discounts or contests. Running these kinds of promotions is a great way to keep your followers interested and to generate sales on your Facebook page. is an easy to use app and has various templates to make promotions. You can customize your campaigns without using any coding and you have complete creative control. The app is a paid app and has full email support, is responsive and customizable. If you think your business could benefit from this, there is a free trial! Give it a go and if it works for you maybe this is something you could invest in.

Some promotional examples you can run with this app are deals such as free shipping or sales, promotions like running a photo contest, giveaways or voting polls. This app gives you the chance to create a visually engaging promotion for your users to see when they jump on your page. Running promotions and giveaways is an excellent way to create a buzz, conversation and exposure for your business.

An extra tip I want to highlight is you can customize your apps tab on your Facebook page to tie in with your business branding which makes your page look professional and visually appealing. If you need help with apps or want one of our graphic professionals to make you some kick-ass custom icons talk to us today! Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Off-Page SEO Techniques

Recently we talked about On-Page SEO techniques you can use to increase your Search Engine Optimization. Today I want to talk to you about what you can do off your website to climb up the search engine ranks. Here's some techniques:

1. Getting involved with social media can help a business build their online presence! If you haven't already, open up business accounts on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and connect. Share your website links and ultimately aim for other users to share your content socially too! Search engines index across social media, the more links relating back to your site, the quicker you will be found.

Quick tip: for online retailers Pinterest can be an excellent tool for SEO and to increase sales. 70% of people on Pinterest use it to get inspiration on what to buy so capitalize on this! The social media platform easily gives users the opportunity for their image to go viral.

For example, if a business was selling furniture and posted a image of a desk with a caption stating their website with the name of the product and it was then repined by their followers and theirs, the original caption along with the photo would be getting shared throughout the site which is very effective for SEO.

2. Link Building is another very effective marketing tool for SEO! It's a technique of getting external pages to link to a page on your site and when its done correctly, can be very effective. Link Building can be done a number of ways such as:
- local and business listings
- online articles
- press releases for recent news, promotions or events
- videos
- forums
- answer sites
- web directories
- other blogs
Another great tactic for SEO is hosting giveaways and contests! The idea is simple, you give away something of value to your users and in return they socialize your business through social media platforms. It's a win,¬¬ win situation and if done properly will create a social buzz that links back to your site! Even after a contests or giveaway businesses have seen an increase of traffic to their site. Its great exposure as well as a perfect way to plant links back to your site!

3. Lastly, I want to highlight how great blogging is for SEO, it's such a simple technique but effective!! Search engines love fresh content, so blog! It's a great way to promote your website and gives users a reason to return to your site. It also helps search engines to crawl your website more frequently because they have to update your newest blog posts.
A quick tip: Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic, increase sales, and grow your brand but you must be careful because Google is aware some businesses use it as a spammy practice. Here's 4 tips to make sure your doing it right:
- Only post on high quality and websites relevant to your industry.
- Write original and quality content
- Make sure you link
- Build engaging and long term relationships to increase your visibility and establish yourself.

We have a range of plans to suit any business! Whether your budget is $50 or $200 per week, we can individually tailor plans to suit you. Talk to us today to organize your SEO plan for your website. Call (07) 5592 2685 or email Alternatively jump onto our website to find out more.

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How you can use Facebook Groups for your business!

Facebook remains the number one social network in the world, with over 1.23 billion monthly users, so it's fair to say that's where your customers are at!! But sometimes connecting with those customers is not so easy. In a previous post we mentioned how advertising on Facebook is not really effective or practical for small businesses.
So one way your can target consumers on Facebook is with Facebook Groups.
If you didn't know, Facebook Groups revolve around communicating, sharing and interacting. In recent times they have grown immensely and being part of Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to bring people together that have common interests.
So how are groups different to Facebook Pages? Well pages are managed by a business and groups can be created by anyone. Facebook Groups create a more personalized experience for consumers.
For example: with group members, they automatically receive updates when any member posts in that group. When you look at a Facebook page, those members might not see everything you post. Members can also participate in chats, invite others to group events or the group, upload photos, collaborate on group docs, share updates, poll group members and message group members.

So how can you find groups?
With a massive amount of groups on Facebook, there is a group for just about anyone, all it takes is a little research and time.
1. Ask colleagues, friends, customers what groups they are in.
2. Facebook also has a 'suggested groups' feature you can look at using which is placed on top of your navigation bar when you view groups from your profile.
3. Or you can use the search bar to find groups. You just have to play with words and topics to find groups.
Once you have found some groups read their descriptions, If it suits and it is an open group then request to join.

Now it's time to network. Don't just sell and promote your own brand, you need to be genuine and helpful to users. Focus on communicating with group members, building relationships and answering questions. By connecting with consumers, in turn relationships will form turning into sales, referrals and partnerships. Remember to build awareness, post helpful informative and formative posts that are going to be of benefit to group members.
Being active on Facebook will help drive group members to your Facebook Page. Where your page needs to be full of useful and regular information for your target market. Consumers will then be to like and interact on it.
Facebook groups are easy to use, effective and a great way to connect with potential customers. So I recommend giving Facebook groups a go! The consumers are already there, all you have to do is join!
COMING SOON TO A FACEBOOK POST NEAR YOU: How to make a Facebook Group.

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Why do businesses have a Facebook page?

The reason why a business has a Facebook page is to create a buzz and useful content that generates shares, likes and comments, which are free. When a brand, product or service becomes popular and everyone is talking about it, it attracts more customers and consumers want to learn more.
As Facebook has evolved over the years it has been a fantastic place for businesses to promote their brand. Even introducing new features for companies to reach more potential customers and advertise.
This year Facebook has introduced a bunch of new features focusing on improving Facebook advertising, which include:
- A new look for Ads with placement in the right-hand column that are more visually coherent with ads that appear in the news feed.
- Premium 15 second video ads that will be introduced to over the next few months. Potentially a great new avenue of advertising for your business.
- Expands look-a-like audience ability which lets advertisers create look-a-like target markets based on people who visit their websites, use their mobile apps or are connected to their Facebook page.
- Manage groups feature for ads – Admins now have a page where they can manage their groups. This makes it much easier to manage who your targeting and how.
- Improves targeting options with features built into their ad-buying interface. It allows advertisers to reach precise audiences based on location, demographic, interests and behaviours.
- New campaign structure – on March 4 Facebook introduced the new structure that makes it easier for advertisers of any size to manage, optimize and track their advertisements.
Although these new features will be great tools in creating your Facebook adverts, most of the new features being incorporated into Facebook are based on improving paid advertisement, which is where Facebook gets most of their revenue, and not general useability aka free options to promote your brand. So now the question businesses need to ask themselves is do Facebook advertisements really work?
From personal experience and research Facebook is horrible for customer acquisition but good for branding. Out of 395 business executives surveyed Facebook came in dead last out of 12 other marketing options to reach consumers. And it was suggested if you are going to spend time and money on Facebook, focus your efforts on keeping your existing customers engaged with your brand via your Facebook page. Use the social media platform to develop trust and loyalty with existing customers not to acquire new customers, which is the reason a business will have a Facebook page.
This all sounds fair enough right?
However, recently Facebook has decided to crack down on businesses that are asking for shares, likes and comments by penalising them. So it looks like the social media site wants all businesses to interact with their current and future customers through paid advertisement which defeats the purpose of a business having a Facebook page.
So If the future of Facebook pages for businesses is heading towards making us pay, what's the point of having a page and advertising through Facebook when it has been showed time and time again that Facebook advertisements don't help a business reach the goal to create buzz and spread the word about their brand and product.
Stay tuned for our next post when we look at some alternative social media sites that are more business friendly.

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1. Get personal, interact with your fans and keep it cool. Fans want to follow pages that have interesting and fun content.

2. Run unannounced giveaways/ competitions. Everyone loves free stuff!

3. Promote a follower/fans business on your page to create page engagement. They might return the favour.

4. Get visual – photos get more attention and engagement than anything else.

5. Don’t push sales – use Facebook to build relationships and loyalty. If your fans like what you’re posting they will interact and follow you.

6. Take into consideration the time you are posting and the frequency.

Do you have any other tips to add?

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Utilize Social Media to Benefit your Business More - Facebook Promotions

Have you ever thought about running a competition or a promotion? It’s now easier than ever to do one through Facebook! Competitions are great, so don’t be afraid try to one. It can generate fans, build your email list and drive traffic to your website. Social media is a huge part of our world today, so take advantage of it.

Recently Facebook have changed their promotion guidelines so pages don’t have to make apps in order to run competitions. This is great for small businesses making it a lot easier to run competitions if you don’t have the resources to do it through an app. Businesses are now able to administer their own promotions on their page without the worry of the page being shut down.

You can now ask users to post photos, comment, like or message on your page to enter a competition and use your page to collect entries into a promotion although you must not ask anyone to share anything on their Timeline or a friend’s Timeline. You can also now notify winner through Facebook compared to in the past where it was banned. Tagging is now prohibited to use as a promotion. Facebook state: “You must not inaccurately tag content or encourage users to inaccurately tag content (ex: don’t encourage people to tag themselves in photos if they aren’t in the photo).”

But before you start your competition make sure you clearly include the official rules and terms and conditions eg. Age or residency restrictions also Facebook states you must “comply with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered” as well as “state a complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant and acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.” These rules have been taken from Facebook’s guidelines page and it is very important that you include the following rules that have been outlined. Facebook has been known to remove fan pages that breach their guidelines. Good luck!

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How to Increase your Facebook Presence for Beginners in Four Simple Steps - Part Three

Another tip I want to share with you guys to increase your presence in the social media world is how important diversity is within your social media posts. We’ve all heard the saying variety is the spice of life! Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have fuelled the shift in visual marketing as the trend for 2013.

When it comes to their products businesses are starting to show not tell. Two years ago marketers were spreading the word that "content is king" but now it seems "a picture really is worth a thousand words." This trend toward the visual is also influenced by the shifting habits of technology user’s i.e. Mobile phone and tablets.

A 2013 study showed that 44% of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. Pictures have become a default mode for consumers to sort out and understand the vast amounts of information they are exposed to every day. Let’s face it no one is interested in reading vast amounts of text one post after another. To enhance your followers, friends and engage your users you want to be mixing up your posts and regularly updating your pages to keep it fresh and interesting. Make sure you are mixing up your posts with videos, pictures, links, articles, short/long posts and by following these tips we have outlined you will have built up a solid social media presence in no time!

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How to Increase your Facebook Presence for Beginners in Four Simple Steps - Part Two

The next step you should look at to increase your social media presence is to make sure your page is memorable. Do you have a fantastic cover image and profile picture on your Facebook page or eye catching background image on your twitter page?

You want these images to represent your brand effectively, and you need to be recognisable. Today we are continuously bombarded by brands, products and services, so it’s you job to ensure your brand stands out from the rest within your market. Its great for you if your customers can immediately identity your brand and know what you offer easily so they don’t have to extensively search for it.

Another way to increase your reach on social media is to increase your likes and follows. This is the number one goal businesses think about achieving but it is more important to have quality over quantity because you want connections that are going to interact with you and are interested in what you have to offer.

There are now many companies that sell likes but although this looks great on the surface there is no real substance underneath.

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How to Increase your Facebook Presence for Beginners in Four Simple Steps - Part One

Social Media is a business’s link to millions of people in an instant; it gives businesses the power to reach to consumers like never before. Although just having a Facebook or Twitter account is not going to draw consumers in. Businesses need to take that interaction a step further and step out of their comfort zone and into the world where their customers are. In the next few blog posts we in be highlighting how to increase your social media presence in the world of Facebook with four simple steps for beginners!!

Your first step is customize your pages URL - Customizing your Facebook Page URL is vital for Search Engine Optimization in both Google and Facebook. If your URL is a bunch of random numbers your brand will not show when a consumer searches for it. Your URL is able to be customised once you have 25 likes or more. Stay tuned for more tips to come !

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