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FREE techniques you can do to increase traffic to your website

People are searching for your business online as you read this article. Just because you have a website does not mean that you will be found online. SEO has become an important tool that needs to be included in any online marketing plan. Both online and off-line techniques are used to drive traffic to your website and it is this traffic that will move you up the search engine ranks and in turn help you increase sales.  It does not happen overnight, so don't get discouraged if at first you don't see much movement. SEO will take at least 3 months to really get you going places; of course if you have big budgets then you can jump up that search list even more quickly.

Below are some tips you may not be familiar with that can help get the traffic flowing:

Let's have a look!

1. We have all heard that 'Content is King'

This technique looks at keeping your content fresh on your website, which is why many people have blogs now. Think of how you can provide great information about your business, product or service in a fresh and interesting way. Ensure you have keywords within the content to help with searching as well. As you should already be aware of this technique, we are going to talk about a method called "digg-like", which can also help you generate traffic. The idea behind websites like Digg is relatively easy to understand. On the Internet, there are a number of websites where you can post your blog article with the intention for users to read and like your information. The more likes your article gets, the higher it will be on the website's main page, which will then introduce their visitors to your brand. So check out Digg, BuzzFeed, Upworthy and Reddit to help spread the word about your business.

2. Get cozy online with 'Influencers'

It is great when people share your content and brand with the people around them, but even better if you can get the people known as 'influencers' to spread your message as well. "Real influencers", are people running blogs, online magazines, and social media pages that have thousands of followers. These people could be celebrities, as well as everyday people who have become Internet sensations. Try and connect with influencers that focus on topics within your particular industry. These people have created loyal followers who are interested in what they have to say, the products they use and the trends they are on top of. They help create wider visibility of your brand and by using influencers who are well known within your target market will help increase the flow of traffic to your site. Most influencers make their money by promoting these brands and products, so unless they are an advocate of your brand and promote you for free then you will most likely need to pay for the 'shout out'.

3. Become the Guest Blogger

By becoming a guest blogger you are creating opportunities to grow your blog readership and platform, increase awareness of your brand and build your personal reputation within the industry you do business in. When guest blogging you must negotiate with the host blogger to include a link to your blog in the post somewhere, usually at the beginning or end. After all, you want to increase your online visibility and over time, these backlinks will raise the value of your blog (aka brand) on search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One of the best things about becoming a guest blogger is that it allows you to enter an already-established community, and share your message with new people. If you are adding value to the blog or discussion, you will see that convert over time to more readers, fans, and followers of your own brand. On the flip side, if all you ever do is sell your brand or product, you may end up well-known, but with a reputation you may not want. No matter the platform you use, whether it is social media or blogs it is always best to post more information that is informative, fun and helpful for your audience than a full on sales pitch. By all means you are there to increase your brand online and to make more sales, but you have to have a balance and by adding value over time you will see the results you are looking for.

When guest blogging make sure you do the following:

1. Link to the post from your blog
2. Promote it on your social media platforms (several times). Tweet it, Share it, Post it
3. Thank the person
4. Stick around and respond to any comments there may be on the blog

Guest blogging also works the other way as well. So think about who could guest blog on your site. Some bloggers will blog about their guest post and link it to their own blog giving you some great link opportunities that will increase your traffic, which is what we are looking for right! Allowing guest bloggers will also help you build a professional blogger network.

4. Using Forums

Forum posts are becoming a more and more popular way for businesses and people to increase their website page ranking. It is a great opportunity for you to express your knowledge, build credibility and connect with people you already know are interested in what your brand, product or service is all about.

However, a huge mistake would be to register on a forum only to promote your website, although this is your end goal – to increase traffic to your site, like posting on social media you need to be providing useful and interesting information that your audience wants to read. People who blatantly promote themselves and their business will usually turn people off their brand, as the people using these forums usually don't like that type of behaviour and in turn would be bad for your online reputation. You could lose these potential customers.
To avoid this type of situation, we advise you first help these forum users who may need to solve a problem or are in need to talk with others who are more knowledgeable than themselves. This doesn't mean that you can't still put your website URL, we just suggest you put it with a short description in your signature (the little text area that appears automatically) if the forum permits you to. Be active and be nice, do not act with only your website's promotion in mind.

If you have proved your expertize several times, and your posts reflect the quality of the work you are offering, people will be interested in visiting your website and be more likely to go one step further and want to purchase what you have to offer. So do a search online for good forums talking about your industry and get on board.

5. Quora

Have you ever heard of Quora? It is actually a website where Q&A (Questions & Answers) are organized on just about every topic known to man. This type of Q&A service is soaring in popularity with a lot of questions being asked online, and you are free to offer your answer to these.
Some things to keep in mind when thinking of using Quora within your marketing mix:

i) You can find new ideas to talk about
ii) Create and build content
iii) You are opening the lines of communication with your target audience
iv) Build on your own communication skills when dealing with your audience
v) Ask good, interesting questions or provide great relevant answers
vi) Work on building your presence within the community of Quora
vii) You must monitor and engage, if you don't do this then there is no point in you being there

By using Quota you are giving yourself the opportunity to gain exposure to Quora's 700,000+ monthly visitors; however in marketing it is always a good idea to break that number down and find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry, and build your expertise and authority on your chosen topic as you will be judged by the quality of your questions and answers. If all goes well, your audience is more likely to trust you and will more often than not take that next step to contact you one-on-one or visit your website to learn more about you, your product or service. So don't forget to put a link to your site, but again, you are not there to be a self-promoter first and foremost, you are there to offer your expertise.
I think it is also important that no matter your industry that you continue to learn and Quora has become a great place for you and me to learn from other users, customers, industry experts and of course from even our competitors. Besides posting questions and answering questions, you can build a Quora page for your business, use the site for market research, and start a Quora blog and publish stories.

6. Social Media

Our social media accounts have become such an integral part of our daily life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on have also become embedded in our business marketing strategy. All accounts are free but because so many businesses use them as well, these days there are also options to create paid advertisements within each account to boost your reach.

Your accounts are an extension of your website and you probably interact with them more than your actual site, unless you are blogging of course. They allow you to get in touch with your clients and vice versa, with many large company's having social media 'call centres' or people within small businesses dedicated to be on the social media accounts to handle any enquires, questions or complainants. You can use them to promote your new products or services, to build your online reputation and to reach possible new clients. The idea of using social media to promote your business is great, but achieving great results is not as easy as it seems.

Like all the other techniques we have mentioned social media as a marketing tool also has a number of rules and a so called code of conduct that you need to follow to have any chance of success. One of the biggest issues is finding time to post and what to post and where to post that many business owners face. It can be very daunting especially if you are a small business and do not have a dedicated social media manager; after all you are dedicating your time to growing your business and servicing clients, not sitting on social media all day.
However fi you are blogging you should be linking your blog to all social media accounts, but each account will have its own rules so you do need to adjust each post to each account you use, but always link it back to your blog, after all we are looking at increase traffic here. Don't just post once – post many times from the one blog piece. Each post should also have its own image to represent each point of view from your blog.

You want to encourage your audience to comment, to like and most importantly to share. Make sure your notifications are set up so that when people are commenting, liking or sharing that you are thanking them or responding to any questions they may have. It is here where you will build customer loyalty and show other members of your audience who have not engaged with you the type of business you are and it will help them to trust you easier by seeing your interaction with others.

One of the most common ways to increase customers from Facebook is to organize events on your page such as discounts, competitions and sales. For example, you can offer discounts on your products to customers that have shared your Facebook page or if you want to increase shares and likes you can run a competition.

7. Yahoo and Bing: are you neglecting these search engines?

When it comes to SEO and search engines most businesses will concentrate on Google, as it seems to rule the roost. If you are ranking well on Google that does not mean you will rank well on Yahoo and Bing. Each search engine needs its own strategy. If you don't optimise for the three you may be missing out on some great business opportunities.

With SEO it is important to have high quality backlinks and these hold weight on both Google and Bing. One of the things SEO experts are always aware of is the search engine algorithms, as these can affect your rankings and the work they do to help your website rank higher. With Google it recognises synonyms and context around a keyword that is being used, however with Bing it is better to be more exact with your keywords. A number of years ago Google announced that it does not care all that much about meta keywords and descriptions as ranking factors, Bing and Yahoo however still consider these factors , so add those meta keywords and descriptions in your website, after all what have you got too loose except increases across the SERPs.

We have talked about Flash content and SEO before in previous blogs and for Google this has not changed. Google does not like Flash and has trouble crawling Flash sites or Flash content within sites. Bing on the other hand understands and crawls Flash sites quite well.  No one really likes to tell you their age, but when it comes to Domain age and page authority in SEO, Bing finds this to be important when assigning rank. Google is more interested in quality backlinks pointing towards a domain and doesn't put as much importance on domain age as Bing. However, the both have the same favourite's .edu, and .gov and websites.

As we mentioned in the title all of these techniques that you can use are FREE and it doesn't hurt you to play around and be aware of how you can increase traffic to your website. Your site has become one of the major marketing tools you will have online so it is important to spend time working on increasing visitation. If like many other small to medium sized businesses and you simply don't have the time then you can always talk to us about getting a FREE SEO report on your website to see where you actually sit and look at how we can help you.

Click here for your report, otherwise you can email us at

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Did you know that there are 571 websites developed every minute around the world?

In this fast paced and the continually growing online environment, your website is your number 1 promotional tool. A well-developed website can help your company flourish in this arena, where competition is fierce.

Having a good website compared to a great site will rely on a few important factors, including content being KING, because after all, the Internet was created in the first place as an information source.

Rudyard Kipling said "Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind".

Through your website content you should be able to:

1. Allow you to build a unique relationship with your current customers and to turn your visitors into clients.

2. Communicate whatever message you want to get across.

3. Your message needs to answer visitor's questions and satisfy their need for knowledge in relation to your industry, service or product.

4. Tell your potential client, what they need to do next. Have a Call to Action!!!

However, 72% of websites fail to attract new customers and to maintain traffic. These websites are ignored by both search engines and users because of one main reason: out-dated website content!

Great content is great for your website, that fact will never be disputed, but even better is having updated content regularly on your website.

Below are some of the main reasons why content update should be a top priority:

1. Better rankings

By adding fresh entries to your website, you remain interesting to search engines, which get you more traffic and improve your ranking among other websites. Fresh content can also grant you better indexing as you add new keywords and keep your website relevant.

2. Fresh content is attractive to Google

Search engines such as Google are usually more attracted by active and updated websites as new keywords and phrases are added frequently. Updating your content is more likely to win you points with Google. Of course too many changes aren't advised either: a good website should be updated once a day or at least twice a week.

3. Frequent updates = keywords = better SEO

It is obvious that by adding content to your website, you will get you more attention from Google because of keywords. These keywords are an important aspect of SEO and will grant you more traffic. Also, posting different types of content will allow you to add new keywords that Google might consider interesting to visitors. However it is important to keep in mind that the number of keywords isn't what matters, their relevance is.

4. Customer retention

Your website should be customer friendly: easy-to-use, easy-to-read, no broken links, frequently updated content, etc. A well built and frequently updated website will retain the interest of your existing clients as it will keep them informed, and also attract new ones as it will provide them with valuable content.

SEO should be important to everyone who has a website, as it is the tool used in which your potential customers will find you. Let's face it – you know yourself when you are searching you click on what you are looking for within the first top 3 – 5 within the organic search options. Is your website sitting in this space?
Some facts to consider are that 92% of marketers will tell you that fresh content is very effective or somewhat effective for SEO and that 76% of those same marketers will have a strategic SEO campaign in place that considers content creation important.

61% of consumers will more likely take action on your website if it offers original content and a well ranked website with brand authority will get at least 50% of consumers to actually take action when on your website.
Your website's success is our priority. If you need help with SEO, then talk to us about receiving your FREE SEO report to look at where your site is sitting or click here to register. Our SEO plans start from $50 per week, which is a great cost effective way for you to start. If you have issues with your website and need to look a more effective promotional tool for your business then we have you covered there too.

Get in touch with us today on (07) 5592 2685 or email 

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Some might say email marketing is old or ineffective but the fact is it's still one of the most important marketing tools that businesses can use. Consumers like receiving emails, with 91% of consumers checking their email daily, making it a leading communication channel.

Your subject line, content and pictures all come into play with the level of open and click through rates. Here's some interesting statistics that will convince you why email marketing is not dead and why your business should be using it:

- 86% of digital marketers regularly engage in email marketing and 58% of marketers increased their email marketing spend in 2014.
- It delivers the highest return on investment of any digital marketing tactic (SEO is second).
- Email continues to outperform social media, it delivered 40% of new customers for marketers compared to Facebook or Twitter.
- 66% of consumers have made a purchase online because of an email marketing message. Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by email marketing.

Stay tuned for more compelling statistics about email marketing in our next post! Or jump onto our website to read more about how we can help your business with email marketing.

Some things to think about to make your email marketing more successful:

- 64% of email recipients open email based the subject line.
- 88% of people prefer to receive HTML emails as to plain text from businesses.
- Emails that have social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click through rate.
- The click through rate is higher when businesses use the consumer's first name.
- 6am-8am has the highest click through rate and the second highest is between 6pm-8pm.
- The most clicked subject line words are "secrets", "e-sales" and "awesome" and the subject lines that perform the lowest is "ROI", "asset", and "industry".
- Subscribers say that too many emails is the reason they unsubscribe from an email.
- 38% of email is now opened on a mobile device, 33% for desktop and 29% for webmail.

Is your business using email marketing? The reality is it's here to stay. Select Marketing & Web Solutions

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels and businesses need learn to measure beyond the click to get the most out of it.

This is where Google analytics URL builder comes into play, It allows the addition of unique tracking tags to the links within an email. Businesses can use this to test which emails are successful through the tracking of clicks, website behaviour and the amount of those clicks that are converted into sales. To read more head to

Email has come a long way and in 2015 it's now up to businesses to use the tools that are available to measure content performance. Businesses need to look at the success of each channel, discover what consumers are interested in and use those analytics to target their market more efficiently.
To track your Email Marketing using Google Analytics URL builder four fields are required:

1. Website URL: The page you're linking to
2. Campaign Source: Where the traffic is from
3. Campaign Media: The type of source
4. Campaign name: Your name for the link
Then login to Google Analytics, select Acquisition, Campaigns.
Here you will be able to measure your content performance.

If you need help with how your email marketing is converting, leave it up to us! We can take care of everything in regards to your email campaigns and tracking there success. Call us on (07) 5592 2685 or email

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Have you ever considered collaborating with another business?

Working collaboratively could contribute significantly to the success of your business. There's a number of benefits including increase of sales, shared knowledge, increase of capacity, improvement of efficiency and reaching new markets.
In today's digital age, everyone has an audience so partnering with other brands and creating interesting content is a great thing to do!
There are three benefits to collaborating. It's cost effective, efficient and quick.
Collaborating gives businesses the opportunity to get more exposure while sharing the cost. We know two brains are better than one, right? It gives businesses the chance to create fantastic content and reach new markets quicker by becoming partners.

Here's some small business successful collaboration ideas:

- A gym could partner up with an physiotherapy company and refer any clients that have injuries to that company. In this situation the physio might give the gym a percent if someone if referred.
- A web design company could offer some of their web design services to local businesses in exchange for a link back to their homepage on their website.
- A dog groomer and trainer could collaborate to give each other business.
- An entertainment company could host an event at a restaurant to give it business in exchange for no venue hire.
- A marketing company could partner up with a business coach by providing services for their clients.
No matter how big or small the task, there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses to collaborate and bring about mutual growth!

Heres some collaborations that have worked on a larger scale:

Repsol and Burger King –
Only half the sales at petrol stations in Spain come from gas, the other half is from products. Petrol station Repsol and fast food company Burger King signed a strategic alliance where Repsol had the rights to have Burger King Franchises in petrol stations in Spain. This collaboration has lead Burger King's to its strongest growth in Europe and one of its biggest growth worldwide, starting with only four petrol stations in Madrid. Now Burger King and Repsol plan to reach 150 stations in a period of 5 years with an investment of 50 million Euro. Repsol is planning on hiring approximately 1500 new employees. That's some effective collaborating!!

Another great example is Esteve and Teijin Pharma –
In 2009 the two pharmaceutical companies collaborated. Esteve is an international pharmaceutical group and Teijin Pharma is a multinational Japanese pharmaceutical. By combining Esteve's experience in patient care in the Spanish market with Teijin Pharma's respiratory therapy technology, 'EsteveTeijin' Healthcare has changed the way medical oxygen is delivered. This service has let the company's to get closer to their clients and provide home service to patients. Since its partnership 3 years ago, 'EsteveTeijin' has made 13 million Euro and treats close on 35 000 patients in Spain.
Collaborating gives businesses new opportunities and areas to go! If you're interested in reaching out for a collaboration here's some hot tips:

Before you jump into a partnership, have a clear understanding of who your target market is and what brands they like. Think 'what company has your next customer as their current customer?' E.g. A shoe company collaborating with a clothes store or printing company collaborating with a office supplies company. Find a company that is connected to your industry in some way and make sure it can benefit you.

Collaborating is also amazing for growing your social media platforms if you choose a business with a strong social media following! The goal is to create great content for both parties and create a hype to break into new markets. So think strategically when choosing a business you want to partner up with.

There must be common rules that you agree to. Clearness is extremely important from the start and each business should be obvious on what their expectations are along with what they want out of the collaboration. Being honest with will make it much easier to make up agreements, these agreements state the expectations of the collaboration. Both businesses should share in there growth. Depending upon the type of collaboration and business your in you will have to determine if contracts will need to be made or if the signed agreements will be sufficient.

If your interested in collaborating talk to us today. We can give you some fantastic marketing advice and help you with a promotional plan to put into action. Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Get Your Blog On! Learn The Important Part Blogging Can Play In Your Websites SEO.

Regardless if you are a small, medium or a large company, blogging is fundamental! It's a fantastic way to have fresh, regular content on your site plus, search engines love it! The more you blog, the more you are
interacting with Google and other search engines, as a result giving your site excellent exposure. Here's four reasons why you should blog:

1. For starters it drives traffic to your website. Isn't that what we all want? Your blog gives you the opportunity to write relevant content for your customers to read. Use this as a marketing tool to drive consumers to your site. Make your blog the base for all of your social media platforms. Whenever you write a post, share it on all your platforms with appealing images and links to connect it back to your site. Also post links in your blog posts directly to specific pages within your website. This way you're connecting consumers to the right places and increasing your exposure.

2. Another huge reason you need a blog on your site, is the fact it Increases your SEO. Fresh content is the key to beating your competitors on Google or any other search engines but remember keywords are crucial in your posts! Blogging actively about your business, industry, product or services will naturally increase your  SEO. It offers you the opportunity to utilize keywords on your site and frequently include it in your posts. The more you include those keywords and post, the more your results will increase.

3. Blogging also builds up the trust of your customers. Well written blog posts demonstrate your company knows what they are talking about. You have the chance to show your knowledge and understanding. It's such a great way to connect with your consumers and give them the opportunity to learn from you. You are positioning yourself as an expert and have the chance to market your business as a result.

4. Additionally, it's a great place just like your other social media platforms, to connect and interact with your consumers. If they are interested in what your talking about or have questions about a product they can comment about it under your blog post. Make sure your regularly checking your blog and are replying to your consumers!

Need a blog on your website, but aren't sure where to start? Hire an expert. At Select Marketing and Web Solutions we can take your online presence to the next level. We know how to use keywords that will capture your consumers. For more information click here or talk to us today! Call (07) 5592 2685 or email

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How you can use Facebook Groups for your business!

Facebook remains the number one social network in the world, with over 1.23 billion monthly users, so it's fair to say that's where your customers are at!! But sometimes connecting with those customers is not so easy. In a previous post we mentioned how advertising on Facebook is not really effective or practical for small businesses.
So one way your can target consumers on Facebook is with Facebook Groups.
If you didn't know, Facebook Groups revolve around communicating, sharing and interacting. In recent times they have grown immensely and being part of Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to bring people together that have common interests.
So how are groups different to Facebook Pages? Well pages are managed by a business and groups can be created by anyone. Facebook Groups create a more personalized experience for consumers.
For example: with group members, they automatically receive updates when any member posts in that group. When you look at a Facebook page, those members might not see everything you post. Members can also participate in chats, invite others to group events or the group, upload photos, collaborate on group docs, share updates, poll group members and message group members.

So how can you find groups?
With a massive amount of groups on Facebook, there is a group for just about anyone, all it takes is a little research and time.
1. Ask colleagues, friends, customers what groups they are in.
2. Facebook also has a 'suggested groups' feature you can look at using which is placed on top of your navigation bar when you view groups from your profile.
3. Or you can use the search bar to find groups. You just have to play with words and topics to find groups.
Once you have found some groups read their descriptions, If it suits and it is an open group then request to join.

Now it's time to network. Don't just sell and promote your own brand, you need to be genuine and helpful to users. Focus on communicating with group members, building relationships and answering questions. By connecting with consumers, in turn relationships will form turning into sales, referrals and partnerships. Remember to build awareness, post helpful informative and formative posts that are going to be of benefit to group members.
Being active on Facebook will help drive group members to your Facebook Page. Where your page needs to be full of useful and regular information for your target market. Consumers will then be to like and interact on it.
Facebook groups are easy to use, effective and a great way to connect with potential customers. So I recommend giving Facebook groups a go! The consumers are already there, all you have to do is join!
COMING SOON TO A FACEBOOK POST NEAR YOU: How to make a Facebook Group.

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How to design for a Business-to-Business website

Are you someone who needs a Business-to-Business (B2B) website? There are a lot of different rules to take into consideration when designing a B2B site compared to B2C (business to consumer) site. For example:
• There are fewer customers
• Orders are larger and mostly in bulk
• Many customers are repeat buyers
• Visitors are often pressed for time
• Buyers require a lot of information
• B2B visitors are usually much more savvy than your average B2C visitor
• Business buyers buy with their head not their hearts.
Here are a few tips to take into consideration when getting a website made for B2B -
Good website design for B2B means the layout must be clear, easy to navigate and graphics convey value, (they are not purely there for decoration). Your website must be functional and let the user take the appropriate action whether it's making an order, signing up for a newsletter or requesting a brochure.
Business visitors are on an important mission when they are at work. They are there to make a buying decision and don't want to be distracted by pop ups, videos that play automatically or animated banners. Statistics show 90% of B2B visitors would leave over such distractions. The main point is to make sure you have a simple but functional site for your buyers to do what they need to do.
Other than offering functionality, your website has to represent your business online. It must professionally reflect your brand and its values. You must be able to attract and draw new customers as well as keeping your existing customers happy. Incorporating strong branding throughout your site it is important because B2B sites need to focus on building relationships rather than promoting and pushing your products or services.
For B2B buyers, pricing information is the first thing they search for on a website followed by technical specifications and shipping information. B2B customers also appreciate case studies, documents and any other types of information that you can provide to help with their research. You want to make sure as much information is on your site as possible because if a buyer can't find everything they need to make an informed decision they will look elsewhere, running the risk of competitors getting your sale!
Having a quality B2B website like having a team of strong staff working 24/7 to draw buyers in and sell to them. Follow these three tips and your website should be bullet proof!!

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How Linkedin is evolving in 2014

In our past few posts we have highlighted the benefits of using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for your business and how these social media platforms are evolving. Today let's talk about Linkedin!
Moving away from social media sites based on consumers, Linkedin connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. From humble beginnings starting up in a living room, LinkedIn has become a global destination for over 225 million users worldwide.
Over the last ten years Linkedin has changed the way professionals connect with one another letting users discover and pursue new business opportunities, giving them a new way to find information and share it as well as how companies can source new employees.
In 2014 the company has introduced a ton of new features, let's have a look:
• Introducing new 'trending content' feature. The site now displays trending topics so you can see what topics matter to your audience and how they are engaging.
• The SlideShare app is now available to all android users, bringing relevant and interesting content that is visually appealing and easy to read on your phone.
• Photo sharing feature is now available on your mobile making it easier to share your professional photos while you're on the move.
• Certified content introduced connecting companies with publishers to help you provide content under your own name or brand.
• New groups landing page introduced so it's now easier for you to stay up to date what's happening in your groups making your time on LinkedIn productive and time efficient.
• People you may know feature added.
• Member blocking feature added.
• Redesign of who's viewed your profile. New visual analytics and actionable insights have been added.
• Influencers publishing platform opened up to all members- Now you have the ability to follow other users who are not in your network and build your own group of followers.
From the ton of new features Linkedin have incorporated this year you can see two major changes that are being driven by the company. Linkedin is working hard to improve the user experience overall. Moving with technology, the company has redesigned some of their features, improved the mobile experience and made it easier to share and show pictures. Secondly Linkedin is concentrating heavily on its content and the way people can share it. By introducing certified content features and slideshare on mobile so users can show their content more easily, you can see Linkedin is improving the user-experience overall to help connect professionals.
If you are not on Linkedin I would highly suggest making an account! It's a fantastic place full of opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. Linkedin is a site to watch closely for companies that are keen to reach consumers and potential customers in a work context!!

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Step outside your box and use Google+ to promote your brand and get your content shared!

Most of us are on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin but have you ever used Google+? It’s a great way to reach new consumers while also leading you to a wider group of potential customers. Here are some helpful tips to help you engage and have your circles sharing your content in no time!

In any social media site a key aspect of reaching consumers is interacting with them and Google+ is no different! Start by creating two new circles called ‘potential customers’ and ‘customers’. By grouping your new acquaintances it’s a great way to keep track of them.

Use the search bar on Google+ to find people who are talking about your brand, topic or product. You can search hashtags, key words, people, communities and brands that are related to your business. This is a fantastic way to see topics that are trending and to find popular posts in your industry. From here sift through posts and find potential customers to add to your circles that are talking about your brand.

Tip: Make sure you are looking at the levels of engagement; you want to be adding users with a good amount of engagement on their posts.

After you start to build your circles make sure you are interacting with the Google+ users straight away!

Now you have established your group of circles you want to make it even bigger! Broaden your search and find more people that are interacting on Google+. Step into the shoes of your customers and search questions they would typically ask on Google. The results will show potential customers who are interacting with these posts and have a connection with your brand. Because of Google authorship you will find Google+ user’s accounts next to their content, again take into consideration the amount of engagement on their posts and then add them to your circles.

Now it’s time to talk! As your potential customers circle has built up start commenting, +1 their posts and interact with them. Don’t assume people will just come to you. Once you have started engaging with your circles they will most likely return the favour and start engaging back, hopefully sharing your content.

As a final step you want to find out who is really interested in your product or brand out of your ‘potential customers’ and move them into your ‘customers’ circle. Send them a offer/discount/special through a private message. Make sure you are filling their individual needs and it doesn’t look like you are spamming them. In this email invite users to be added to your mailing list to receive notifications when you have something to post about.


Now move everyone who responds into your ‘customers’ circle and follow these steps regularly to find potential customers to help share your content and brand. It does take time and effort although building up your Google+ community will be worth it in the end. With all the interaction on your Google+ page it will also be helping you with search engine optimization which is a bonus!

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Are you looking for new ways to increase your brand awareness? Try Content Marketing

We are so bombarded by advertisements that we as consumers are beginning to block them out, which makes it harder for businesses to get their ideas and products to you unless it is something that stops you in your tracks.

Marketers and advertisers are having to look at new techniques to their client’s message across and one such technique that is making headway is content marketing.

Content marketing is an approach that involves creating or sharing content to gain consumers. It can be shared through social media sites, emails, blogs, your website, really however you want to share it with your consumers. The content can be in the form of videos, photos, news, e-books, case studies, questions and answers etc. Content marketing is focused on communicating to the consumer not selling. Instead of pushing to sell your products or service you are providing information that your consumers are interested in. And by delivering this valuable information to consumers in theory will reward you with their business and loyalty.

A great example of a company that has become extremely successful and popular using content marketing is GoPro, a brand of personal cameras used in extreme action video photography and videoing.

GoPro is putting the power of marketing their product into the hands of their consumers. A little while ago we spoke about images and video becoming the popular medium to share today and Google now also allows you to search by using images and this ability fits right in with the GoPro product. Their consumers are using their cameras and then sharing their images with their friends and families through numerous social media sites. The Go Pro social media team then searches sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Google for GoPro content that they can re-share on their social media accounts.

In doing this, most consumers are thrilled to be featured in front of the entire GoPro community, which in turn encourages them to continue sharing more content online. This creates the most genuine kind of engagement and is how GoPro keeps generating more and more exposure and publicity for their brand. Some other examples of companies that are increasing their brand awareness through successful content marketing are Colgate, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Linkedin, IBM and Anthropologie.

Content marketing is becoming extremely popular and successful throughout businesses today. It’s a great way to market your business and build a community with your consumers. If you need help with creating brand awareness and social networking talk to us today. We have powerful branding and social networking packages that can get you the engagement you need. Call us on (07) 5592 2685, email: or visit our website

Its time your business stood out from the crowd.

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