Marketing and Business Plans


It's very important in this day and age to work smarter and not harder.

A business and marketing plan allows you to set realistic goals and plan how you are going to reach them. Let Select Marketing and Web Solutions make sure your business is future-oriented and that you are motivated to achieve the results you want. Leave all the planning up to us...

The right planning can increase your awareness of your market, help you to understand your financial needs and make sure you stay competitive while building your skills and resources. By allowing us to write your business and marketing plan we will help you to understand the factors that can affect the success or failure of your business. We will also be able to help you identify and exploit opportunities that will improve your chances for expansion into new areas and give you a possible advantage over your competitors.

A written Business Plan should contain some of the following features:

The Business
1. The Idea
An outline and description of the product or service and background on the industry

2. The Entrepreneurs
A history of the founders of the business including their skills, abilities and proposed ownership structure

3. Business Objectives
What the business intends to achieve including long range goals
The advantage of the product or service over existing competitors
The image and character of the business to be developed

We will tailor make your Business and Marketing plan to suit your industry...

There are many types of business plans and can also be referred to as strategic plans, investment plans, expansion plans, operational plans, annual plans, internal plans, growth plans, product plans, and feasibility plans.

In all these different varieties of business plans, the one to use will match your specific situation. For example, if you want a plan developed for internal use only, not for sending out to banks or investors, then we may not need to include all the background details that you already know. Description of the management team is very important for investors, while financial history is most important for banks.

The most common business plan is a start-up plan, which defines the steps for a new business. It covers standard topics including the company, product or service, market, forecasts, strategy, implementation milestones, management team, and financial analysis. The financial analysis includes projected sales, profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and probably a few other tables. The plan starts with an executive summary and ends with appendices showing monthly projections for the first year.

Your Business starts here!
A sound marketing plan is key to the success of your business. It should include your market research, your location, the customer group you have targeted, your competition, positioning, the product or service you are selling, pricing, advertising, and promotion.

A Marketing Plan should contain some of the following features:

  • Analysis of your current market
  • Your business objectives
  • Key strategies
  • Steps to achieving your objectives
  • Proposed budget
  • Timing

Your Marketing starts here!

Costs depend on the size of the business, the research involved and the on-site requirements to complete your plan. Call us on (07) 5592 2685 to discuss your requirements or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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